Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Wiltons Course on cake decorating - 1

It first started with me taking a basic decorating class from wilton's .It is usually offered in local Micheal's stores .The amount of stuff like equipment , books, methods , different forms of sugar , food colors etc ,its such a big industry its unbelievable . I felt like a kid in a candy store .there was so much stuff that I had a tough time figuring out what I wanted to do .

So the first course teaches about what is icing ,what types of icing are available and what works and what does not . It teaches how to create basic flowers and decorate the cake using them.The best part was these flowers were made of royal icing which is very very long lasting provided they stored in air tight containers.Well I must admit that these flower do not taste as good as they look. They are extremely sweet for my pallet but on the other hand kids just munch them in a jiffy .

I must thank my husband for this , he always encourages me to take up classes that I like and enjoy .
The best part after decorating the cake was that I would not let anyone eat it , Friends would make fun saying that I would save it to be my son's (5 years old as of today ) mini wedding cake .

Though all this sounds and looks good its a lot of hard work to take classes and then decorate . I am full time working mother with 2 kids so to make time for stuff like this comes with lot of hard work. I would stay awake till 1 or 2 in the night making this .

But as they say the harder it is the sweeter sucess tastes in this case litreally

Birthday cookies

Continuing with my baking stint, I attempted to make cookies for my kids birthday goodie bag, I had such a blast decorating .decided on making shapes like flowers, butterflies , ice cream and car. I baked the cookies a week before and store them in air tight containers for a week and 4 days before decorated with colored sugar. Kids pitched in and they had fun too. put them in a Ziploc cover with a thank you note .it felt very personal to me to be able to make something for the kids then store brought.

Again its a basic sugar cookies recipe from the web with colored sugar as decoration. to make the sugar stick I added a little bit of melted while chocolate , this acts as glue and make the sugar stick.

Cookie Bouquet

Last year I was caught by baking bug I was so enthusiastic about baking ,took various classes , I guess "Obsessed " would be the right word. More than baking decorating was like being a child again , It was very therapeutic to decorate for kids and friends .One of those experiments was to make these cookie bouquets . Came out impressive considering that its the first time I have every tried to attempt something like this. But let me tell you as fancy as decorating sound , the after math of cleanup is such a mess. wish there was an easy way to decorate without the clean up.
Anyways it was a standard sugar cookie recipe from the web and decorated using royal icing. and are great websites for ideas and recipes and were my inspiration for baking

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