Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Birthday cookies

Continuing with my baking stint, I attempted to make cookies for my kids birthday goodie bag, I had such a blast decorating .decided on making shapes like flowers, butterflies , ice cream and car. I baked the cookies a week before and store them in air tight containers for a week and 4 days before decorated with colored sugar. Kids pitched in and they had fun too. put them in a Ziploc cover with a thank you note .it felt very personal to me to be able to make something for the kids then store brought.

Again its a basic sugar cookies recipe from the web with colored sugar as decoration. to make the sugar stick I added a little bit of melted while chocolate , this acts as glue and make the sugar stick.


Anonymous said... I am mother of two kids and working and always whining how I have no time for anything! Great, I just buy stuff and pass it off as goody bag adding more junk to and already cluttered toy chest or toy rooms of my kids friends. Shame on me!I bet your kids enjoyed all that decorating !Hats off!

madhuram said...

Such a neat and lovely idea. I think I can just get the refrigerated sugar cookie dough from the store and design them.

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