Monday, March 5, 2007

Basic Dosa Recipe

My Basic Dosa recipe
1 cup urad dal
3 cups Rice
1 cup atukulu /Poha
1 tbspoon Channa dal ( mostly for golden brown color) or you can substitute 1 tbsp Methi
1.Mix rice, ural daal ,atukulu (poha) ,channa or methi and soak in water overnight
2. Grind all the above into a fine paste ,Stone grind would be the best if not you can grind in regular mixie/grinder
3.leave to ferment overnight .
4.add salt and mix well
5.heat tava and spread the batter into a circle and add a tsp of oil to around the edges to make it crispy serve hot with Peanut chutney /Bombay Chutney


KitchenFairy said...
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Jeena said...

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