Sunday, March 11, 2007

Desi Quesadilla


One the most quickest way to get in lot of veggies and still have a yummy dish to eat in minutes is my version of Quesadilla , This can be made in many variations of vegetables ,sauces , and toppings , giving the recipe for basic version .

This makes for about 6 Quesadilla's

1 small cup finely chopped onion
1 small cup finely chopped red bell pepper
1 small cup frozen peas , corn and carrot
1 small cup finely cut tomatoes
1 cup cheese ( grated cheese any kind , I prefer the ones that have a tarty taste )
1 small cup ketchup ( any kind like Heinz , Mexican topping sauce , Maggi tomato chili for spicier kick)
1 tbsp red chilly flakes ( Like the pizza topping )
6 roti's ( tortilla , whole wheat roti from trader joes , store brought roti's can be used )
Process to make the filling

1. Take a tava , add 1 tbsp oil when tava is pretty hot
2. to this add Red chili flakes
3. once the chilies are mixed add red onion, red bell pepper
4. fry for a while and then add frozen peas,corn and carrot
5. then add tomatoes
6. add salt and fry till golden brown color or onions and pepper become translucent
To make Quesadilla's
1. Take a tava
2. When hot fry a roti with 1tsp on both side
3. Spread a 1 tsp of ketchup over the roti
4. sprinkle cheese all over the roti
5. to half of the roti add vegetable filling
6. fold the roti into half such that 1 half covers the vegetable filling
7.fry both sides

8.cut the quesadilla into half and serve hot with salsa or ketchup
Variation can be done by adding soy beans, finely grated cauliflower and very very thinly cut asparagus .You can add ginger garilc paste along with red chiles and amchur powder or chat masala to the filling to give it a extra kick


sailaja said...

Wow! What a lovely coincidence and love your desi quesadillas. Infact I think I received this recipe via email earlier. Was it you?

Like your blog, Sridevi.

AnilaVarma said...

Congratulations on your new Blog.
This recipe looks interesting and easy to make, i'm going to give it a try this weekend.
Oh and i also have to remember not to make this when you are visiting (i won't be able to make it better than you :-)

I am going to give the other's a try and post a comment. Keep 'em coming and good luck with your blog. I like your blog a lot!!

KitchenFairy said...

Your Quesadilla looks delicious,Its is really a healthy meal.I will try this.

trupti said...

Love the desi twist to the quesadillas....


sunita's world said...

Hi Sree, first time here...this is so my kind of food...I love dishes which have a variety of vegetables and can form a one dish meal at the same time...nourishing and filling!!!Great for the kids!!!

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