Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Dondakaya Kottimera Karam (Tindora Corriander Sabji)

Dondakaya Kottimera Karam (Tindora Corriander Sabji)

My husband brought this veggie over the weekend, it's one of his favorites. I like the fried taste of it too ,but the problem with it is it takes forever to cut this vegetable .I usually cut the ends off, just to do that it took me about few minutes.I get very impatient with stuff like this ,so took my food processor and grated just like carrot .this does help in two ways one reduces the time to cut veggie and also cuts the time of cooking.

Traditionally it prepared very simple just add tadka and fry and when fried it's sprinkledwith red chili powder and is usually eaten with rice ,but my version has a slight modification I add Kottimira karam (coriander chutney) for the grated Tindora and fry it till it gets brown.


For coriander chutney
1/2 bunch coriander
Juice of 1/2 lemon
salt according to taste
2-3 Green chilies ( adjust according to taste)

For tadkha ( seasoning)
1 tbsp urad dal
1 tbsp mustard
1 tbsp jeera
1 tsp ginger garlic paste
2 Red chiles
8-10 curry leaves

1.clean and grate/cut tindora
2.Grind all the ingredients for Corriander chutney in a mixer ,keep a side
3.take a pan when hot add 1 tbsp oil and all the ingredients for thadka
4.when mustard seed start to splutter add grated/cut tindora
5.fry for a while ,almost 3-4 minutes till tindora is little cooked.
6.once it seems a little cooked add corriander chutney and fry for another 6-8 minutes
remove from heat and serve hot with rice or roti

Tindora on attaining Nirvana looks something like this


bee said...

in our house the policy is: the one who brings hard to cut veggies home has to cut it.

very nice pictures.

Asha said...

Your husband helps,how nice!:) Mine do not even look at it until it's ready to eat!:P
Great recipe.

Rashmi Gopalakrishna said...

Hi Sreelu,
Nice and easy one, I will definitely try this grating style. I just don't buy Tindora mainly for the boring process involved in cutting. Even in our house we kind of follow the same rule as 'bee's house has', the one who brings it has to cut the veggie, my husband's fav is lady finger, but it takes for ever to cut, so if he buys it he has to cut it :)

Priya said...

That looks delicious. Sreelu ! Never ever saw a grated dondakaya recipe. Photos aithe chaala chaala bagunnayi. This is my first time here and I see that I have a lot of posts to gobble up now.

Sia's corner said...

hey sreelu,
thank u for leaving comment on my blog and leading to urs. looks like u have been pretty busy with cooking and posting:) u r not a newbie anymore:)
good luck with cooking and blooging:) will visit u often:) tc dear

Seema said...

Great idea Sreelu. Loved the grated thindoora look. As you said it does take a lot of time to chop these tiny finger like thindooras. I am gonna try it your way next time.

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