Monday, March 5, 2007

The ever versatile and tasty Dosa

Dosa or otherwise called Minapa attu / Dosa / Urad daal dosa is a staple breakfast at our home on weekend mornings, This is one food that kids love to eat without having to be told . I usually make peanut chutney (courtesy my mother-in-law ) or Bombay Chutney (Why the name Bombay chutney is for anyone to guess) which goes extremely well with Dosa .This is one chutney you can whip up in few minutes and tastes yummy . I have always had my friends asking me for this recipe and enjoying it. Getting fresh coconut is not a possiblity so I use this chutney to replace the more tradional coconut chutney and oh ya another compliment with hot dosa is chutney podi / karam podi .Dosa batter is so versatile that you can create quite a few variations , few of my favorites variations are pulla attulu (sour dosa) , kalipina attu (mixed dosa) and uttapam .Dosa with hot coffee is a to-die breakfast for me any day

Pulla attu (sour dosa)

When you leave dosa batter for more than a day , batter becomes sour and has a unique flavor . My mothers side of the family loves to eat it this way and the best chutney to go with it is called " Bombay Chutney " made with besan and onion

Kalipina attu (mixed dosa)for a 3 days old batter ,add an equal amout of moong dal batter (soaked moong dal and ground into fine paste) ,leave it out for few hours and then batter is ready to be made in Kalipina attu ,this again can be served with " Bombay Chutney " or Peanut chutney


Uttapam Lay the dosa batter on a hot tava little thick (like a pancake ) , top it with finely grated onions, carrot, tomatoes ,g.chiiles ,corriander , peas ,sprinkle with karam podi (optional) and cook covered for a minute or 2 .turn the uttapam and cook on the reverse side . serve with peanut chutney


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