Monday, March 26, 2007

Jalapenos Bajji's (Jalapeno Fritters)

Jalapenos Bajji's (Jalapeno Fritters)

This is what I called a perfect fusion food, When is Rome be a Roman is a well known phrase, as I made US my home I started to incorporated American food into Indian cooking and nothing more Indian then Bajji's and nothing more American then Jalapenos (well almost), Jalapenos have a very interesting history, to learn more check here and for some intresting picture of Jalapenos check here .I make this with canned Jalapenos since the pickled taste gels very well with Bajji's.Compliment with hot tea this makes one tasty tea time snack or serve as an appetizer .Also this will be my entry for Nupur's event for vegetable starting with J

Few words of caution before jumping the gun on making them

1.make sure you drain the Jalapenos completely ,place them on a towel or tissue paper squeeze out all the water and pat dry ,if not when fried it will create a spill and might be dangerous
2. Make sure you do not have any kids around, if not complete dry as mentioned this will splutter
For batter
1 cup Channa Flour
1 tbsp ajwain
1 tbsp rice flour
1 tspn R.chili powder
Salt according to taste

Oil to deep fry
1 can of Jalapenos, removed from can, completely patted dry

1. Mix all the ingredients for bajji’s, let the batter be of thick consistency this way it will stick and coat the Jalapenos well
2. Heat oil in shallow pan
3. In the mean while dip dried Jalapenos in the batter, coat it well with the batter make sure it covered completely
4. When oil is hot add the dipped Jalapenos and fry
5. Turn sides to fry both sides, takes about 1-2 minutes depending on the heat and number of Jalapenos
6. Remove from heat and place on a tissue to absorb excess oil
7. Serve hot with sauce or ketchup


Meeta said...

Ohh perfect finger food!

Nupur said...

Oh, they look so appetizing! Thanks for participating!

Asha said...

Shhh..!! Don't tell anybody but I am doing Jalapenos too for J!;D

Looks great Sreelu,yummy.

bee said...

what a great blog you have, sreelu. have added you to our blogroll.


Sushma said...

Perfect fusion :-) they look mouth watering

Madhavi said...

Wow Sreelu,

You have such an amazing blog. The pictures look so good and so do the recipes.


Sreelu said...

thanks for your comments, and yes it does taste really good and is my favorite appetizer too.


Your secret is safe with me :)


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