Monday, March 19, 2007

Sarvajit Naama Ugadhi Subhakanshalu ...

Wishing all my friends , fellow bloggers and rest a very Happy New Year , may the new year bring lots of Peace and Happiness to you and your families .

Ugadi represents the arrival of Telugu new year , this is also celebrated in the neighbouring states of Karnataka and Maharashtra , According to legends its the day Lord Brahma started creation and hence its significance . Ugadi not only represents new year but it also signifies the start of spring , tender Mangoes and fragrant Jasmine flowers , Its an amazing experience to see these tiny fragrant flowers after an absence of 6 months .

A tradition is a typical home would be to wake up early , take a head shower ,wear new clothes and eat Udgadi pachadi and listen to Panchangam from a learned person .Panchagam is the yearly predictions of your future depending on your star sign .Ugadi Pachadi is concoction made of 5 ingredients each representing a state of life happiness,sourness,bitterness and sweetness and following represents each of them
Neem Buds/Flowers for Bitterness
Jaggery for Sweetness
Raw Mango for Vagaru
Tamarind Juice for sour and in my house slices of banana for extra sweetness .
Ugadi also has one more significance it represents the start of Sri Rama Navami celebrations , the 9 days of festivities to celebrate the birth of Lord Rama.


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