Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Gobi Paratha

Gobi Paratha
Gobi Paratha

Paratha isthe most versatile food in ways it can be prepared. Aloo, Gobi, Mooli, Paneer, Mixed Vegetables and so on. Since I started blogging every time I write a recipe I now tend to research about the ingredients, History , Origins etc.. This has been very exciting to me.Blogging has become such an obsession, I love the fact that people from all over the world take time to read and comment etc.Also I wonder if I did not blog I would have never learnt all these web 2.0 technologies. Technology for blogging has been so exciting for me to learn and so is the case with Photography.Also started writing my version of Blogging 101, tips and tools(mostly to keep track of what I did) ,will publish once I get it complete in couple of days.

Anyways deviated from my main topic today Gobi Paratha, paratha was originally conceived in ancient north India and then spread quickly to South. These days you find these in any part of India you travel. Its said that Indian immigrants took this dish to Malaysia and Singapore, resulting in variations such as roti canai and roti prata.I have a Punjabi aunt who is an amazing cook, She would cook these paratha that would practically melt in your mouth.Learnt this from here

Ingredients for fillings
1 big Gobi (Cauliflower)
1 Potato boiled and cubed
1 bunch corriander
1 G.chili

For Roti
1 cup atta (flour)
salt according to taste
water for kneading
oil for shallow frying (optional)

Dry Masala's
2 tbsp garam masala
1 tbsp kasoori methi
1 tbsp jeera
1/2 tbsp Haldi
salt according to taste

Process For filling
1. Grate Cauliflower, Corriander, G.chili in a food processor into a fine texture add salt and mix well. Leave it for a while and then squeeze water out
2. In a bowl mix grated cauliflower, boiled potato( this acts as glue/binding agent) and dry masala's and mix well

For Paratha
1.Mix all ingredients except water. Add a little at a time and form a soft dough. try to make this at least 30 minutes before using.
2.Always keep covered with a moist cloth, and see that the cloth is kept moist

For stuffing paratha
1.Roll a thick roti and place a small portion of the filling in the center
2.bring all the edges of the roti together and make sure that the entire filling is covered
3.and then roll into a nice round shape dusting with flour as required
4. heat a griddle/tava and place Paratha
5.let it cook on one side and then repeat on the other side
6.Add a tspn of oil to paratha and let it fry till it gets golden brown.

Serve hot with mixed vegetable pickle, raita and today made a impromptu salad of Onions, Tomatoes, Cucumber , corriander, lemon juice, fresh ground pepper and salt
For folks in bayarea try Banana leaf restaurant to get a flavor of Roti prata. This is a very chic restaurant and keep in mind its always crowded. This is our favorite and regular lunch/dinner destination


Anonymous said...

nice one sreelu.


Asha said...

One thing I can not do well is stuffed rotis.Your Gobi Parathas looks really good.I must give it try again,not give up all together!:))

Meeta said...

Oh boy this looks really good!

Sig said...

Hey Sreelu, my first time here...came blog hopping... Love your blog, the color scheme is beautiful, great pictures too...

We have a local malasian restaurant here in Seattle where we go for lunch regularly... I love their roti canai, same as the roti prata of BananaLeaf!

Sreelu said...


I learnt it the hard way too, Key to this is adding a small potato so that the mixture stays together especially while rolling.Also removing water before add potato helps.
Let me know how it goes

Sreelu said...


Thanks for your comments

I have never tried roti canai, we always wanted to visit Seattle, I see that you have an elaborate list of restrurants on your blog. will use that list to pick mine

Kay said...

I loved Banana leaf while I lived in the bayarea, too. :) Nice yummy food!!

Love all the parathas you got here. Very comforting food!

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