Saturday, April 14, 2007

Mint tea Sandwich with Roasted Garlic and Sun Dried Tomatoes Cream Cheese

Mint Tea Sandwich with Roasted Garlic and Sun Dried Tomatoes Cream Cheese
Mint is one of the easiest herb to grow at home, Infact if not contained this completely takes over the garden. Mint adds flavors lots of dishes like marinates,Biryani's , Chutneys and salads.I do grow mint and few other herbs in my yard

It is pouring cats and dogs in Bay Area, does not seem like spring weather.Had few unexpected guests at home for tea, so decided to make tea sandwiches, Tea sandwiches are a tradition in Europe . Tea is enjoyed leisurely with a variety of finger sized sandwiches and wide variety pastries.

For today's sandwich decided to make mint chutney along with roasted garlic and sun dried tomatoes.Roasted garlic has a very sweet taste, but if over burnt sweet taste turns bitter. I oven roast garlic by cutting the top off and by drizzling Olive oil and bake in the over for about 15 minutes at 400.


For Mint Chutney
1 bunch of mint leaves
1/2 bunch of Coriander
1-2 g.chilies ( alter according to spicy level)
a pinch Black salt
1 tspn of Lemon juice

Grind all the above without adding water into a fine paste

For Garlic and sundried tomatoes cream cheese
1/2 head of garlic
1/2 cup of sun dried tomatoes
1/2 cup cream cheese thawed to room temperature
a pinch of salt ( adjust according to taste)
Grind all the above ingredients in a food processor into a fine paste, Amul butter can be substituted instead of cream cheese.

For Sandwiches
3 slices of toasted bread of your choice ( I used whole wheat), remove edges

1. Spread a layer of mint chutney on a slice of bread
2. On the second bread spread garlic and sundried tomato cream cheese
3. Top with the third layer and cut diagonally

Enjoy with a hot cup of tea

This is also my entry for letter M for series hosted by Nupur and weekend Herb cookinh hosted by Haalo of Cook(almost) Anything at least once


Anonymous said...

nice simple delicious sandwitch... the pictures look beautiful

Helene said...

I love mint and have different ones in my garden. Your recipe is inviting!!

Nupur said...

What beautiful pictures, and such a delicious sandwich! Thanks so much for the entry. I have some tiny mint plants and I hope they grow up soon so I can try this dish.

Sia said...

beautiful picture of garlic and sandwitch sreelu... liked ur easy peasy recipe too.

Richa said...

yup, roasted garlic sure does taste awesome, never tried it along with sun dried tomatoes, though.
sandwich looks delicious.

Sreelu said...

Sushma,Helene,Nupur,Sia and Richa

Thanks for the comments, let me know how it goes if you give this recipe a try

bee said...

two words: outrageously tempting.

Swapna said...

M is for Mint..How did I forget that?:)..Nice recipe and snaps..You have inspired me to plant mint..

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