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Paneer Paratha( Indian Cottage Cheese Paratha)

Paneer Parata ( Indian Cottage Cheese Parata)

Paneer Paratha( Indian Cottage Cheese Paratha)

Paratha's can be made in a million ways, and one such way is Paneer Paratha. Paneer or Indian cottage cheese is a healthy, protein-rich food. Paneer can be made at home or its always readily available in stores. I personally was not able to make paneer which is hard succesfully, the time I attempted it turned out soft and would get crumbled. Today used store brought paneer and grated it finely.
For today's recipe I added fresh herbs along with Paneer, I added fresh methi ,corriander. My kindergartner is just learning about plants, seeds , germination etc so we did a small home project to experience this first hand. Soaked few methi seeds in warm water for about 1/2 hr, then removed from water and placed them on a tissue and wrapped it and sprinkled with water to keep the seeds moist, next day these seeds germinated. My kindergartners eyes sparkled to see his science class happen right in front of his eyes, placed them in a pot and told my him to water it daily, in a day he saw the seeds shoot up and within a week he saw the plants and leaves. so today we cut few leaves and added to paneer, he was so excited that we were eating something that he grew.Kindergartners and their questions are always interesting and challenging for example today he asked who named earth "earth".

For Paneer filling

1 pack of Paneer (grated finely)
1 bunch of methi leaves chopped finely
1 bunch of coriander leaves chopped finely
1 tbsp kasoori methi (dry methi)
1/2 Onion very very finely chopped
1 tbsp Dhania powder
1 tbsp garam masala
1 tbsp haldi
1 tbsp jeera
Salt according to taste
Process For filling
1. mix in grated paneer, methi, corriander, onion and all the dry ingredients toss and mix well.

For Roti

1 cup atta (flour)
salt according to taste
water for kneading
oil for shallow frying (optional)

For Paratha
1.Mix all ingredients except water. Add a little at a time and form a soft dough. try to make this at least 30 minutes before using.
2.Always keep covered with a moist cloth, and see that the cloth is kept moist

For stuffing paratha

1.Roll a thick roti and place a small portion of the filling in the center
2.bring all the edges of the roti together and make sure that the entire filling is covered
3.and then roll into a nice round shape dusting with flour as required
4. heat a griddle/tava and place Paratha
5.let it cook on one side and then repeat on the other side
6.Add a tspn of oil to paratha and let it fry till it gets golden brown.

Serve hot with raita


Richa said...

beautiful pics, love the paneer paratha.

Deepa said...

hey sreelu ......excellent pics ..panner wow man ...water out of my mouth ..

Asha said...

Paneer mix looks great,good enough to eat on it's own!!:))

I have never made Paneer Parathas before ,got to try.Looks yummy Sreelu:)

Anonymous said...

hi akka...

the pics are really professional looking! and like the japanese say, "you first eat food with your eyes, then with you eat with your nose, and then lastly with the mouth".

just saying looks itself are delicious enough to gorge on them.. [:D]

Sarat Chandra Addepalli

Sharmi said...

the pics look great and parathas are very tempting. yummy looking!!

Sia's Corner said...

ur pictures r gorgeous. i love the way u take ur pictures:)
and paneer parata looks really tasty...just theseparatas with plain yogurt or raita will be enough to make me feel royal:)

Pavani said...

Hi Sreelu, You have a great blog here. Loved your pictures and great collection of recipes. I'm going to be visiting you more often. Thanks for visiting my blog.

Sreelu said...

Richa, Deepa, Asha dear, Sharmi and Pavani

Thanks for your comments, I must admit these do melt in your mouth when eaten hot right out of the tava.
If you guys try this let me know how it goes

Anonymous said...

I can vouch for the taste... I am putting on a lot of weight.

Sreelu's hubby.

Reena said...

Sreelu, You have a beautiful blog here with mouthwatering recipes. That is one rich Paneer Parantha.

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