Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Spring Colors

After a cold and soggy winter, Spring is a much awaited time of the year. Days seem longer and weather get warmer,this gives me a chance to get my hands dirty in the backyard.My next passion after cooking is gardening. Gardening to me is very therapeutic, Planting seeds and saplings and see them blooms gives me a lot of satisfaction. Suddenly with warm weather it seems like color everywhere in the backyard, all the dead and dried trees suddenly seemed transformed into these plants with beautiful green color and produce a vibrant dose of colorful and fragrant flowers. Few pictures from my modest backyard.

First up Clementine, this beautiful vine produces abundant dark purple flowers thought out summer, When trained well it can cover trellis and forms a beautiful cover of flowers
One looks at these you can't help but smile, a beautiful creeper.Brought this at a local nursery in a 1 gallon pot,now this has spread itself quite a bit

This is my absolute favorite,It is an American Jasmine variety, one week during March and April the tree comes to a full bloom with thousand's of these tiny flowers extremely fragrant just blows your mind away.After this the whole year it behaves like a evergreen with no flowers.Though short lived I try to enjoy this beauty as much as I can.
This is English lavender, so fragrant and yet very delicate. Its gets even more fragrant when air dried.I usually pick a bunch of them enjoy in a vase when fresh and then tie it into a bunch and let it air dry in the garage. You can place this dry lavender in a cloth pouch and place in your linen closet, makes all your linens smell so good and fresh.
I planted this when I was expecting my first kid, so I seen it grow along with my son.
I am not sure of the name of this plant ,but love the color and shape, Thanks to Sia this is apparently called bird of paradise

Roses are my absolute favorite, I grow about 10 varieties. Of all the ones I grow this is my favorite ,this is a creeper and covers the entire fence with its burnt red,orange and yellow colors.A delight to watch the colors in summer
Yellow Iris, blooms only in March/April. Looks beautiful ,not fragrant and very short lived.Once planted these bloom in spring, completely die in fall and come spring again they shoot up like a pleasant surprise.
Gardenia, What can you say about this flower so beautiful and extremely fragrant.Pluck a few of these and place in a room the whole room will be filled with Gardenia fragrance. Saw these the first time we went to Hawaii, after coming back first thing I did was go buy this plant

Well I hope you all have enjoyed a tour of my garden as much I do


Latha said...

Hi Sreelu,
Your backyard seems anything but modest :-) The flowers are so lovely! You're right gardening is definitely therapeutic...

Sia's Corner said...

beautiful pics sreelu... that orange flower is called as bird of paradise. my mom has many of them in her garden.

Asha said...

Beautiful great for the soul just to look at them:)

Sandeepa said...

Such a beautiful garden you have here, wow I am totally floored

Sreelu said...

Latha, Sia, Asha and Sandeepa

Thanks for your words, I truly get attached to plants and treat them like kids. Its a lot of effort but the end result is I always have fresh fragrant flowers at home whole summer

Sreelu said...


Thanks for the name, I updated my blog :)

ap said...

Beautiful flowers and very nice pics, you have a very good collection of plants

archana said...

Wow Sreelu, you are an avid gardner ! Loved all the colors.

Mahek said...

i love your name and love the pictures too, my hubby will be thrilled to see the nature photos he too loves to click such great photos
your other food pics are great too!!!
thanks for sharing them with us


such a lovely flowers and perfect snaps.

Suganya said...

Am speechless!!! Awesome photos.. And the jasmine, aaahhh, making me jealous...

Anonymous said...

Wow! What a garden. Im so envious.. The only things that grows in my garden are weeds..Somany varieties How do you do that ?

- M. Baabu..

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