Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Camping Food Gourmet Style

Camping Gourmet style
This weekend we went camping to Yosemite National park, one the most beautiful parks close to bay area, we are 6 families along with children making up a whopping 18 people. Rented Yurts which are fully furnished luxury huts in the middle of nowhere, comes fully equipped with cooking range, microwave, tv , beds and most importantly bathrooms with fresh towels, since we had little kids and this was their first time we took it easy with these yurts unlike the traditional way of camping.
Prior to camping we had a huge email thread going on who is going to cook what? all of us took turns to cook something easy and special, each meal was cooked by two of us and the rest pitched in with cleaning and cutting and other stuff. Boy it was so much fun, with no computer no cell phone it seemed like total isolation from the rest of the world.

So our gourmet journey began with Friday night dinner, it was pre made and packed, all of left work early and started to Yosemite, reached around 8.30 so dinner was Veggie sandwich with sprouts,grated carrots,cucumbers mustard, salt and pepper on whole wheat bread along with Rava idli and tomato onion chutney. For dessert my friends surprised me with a cake as it was my Birthday.

Next day morning it was Continental breakfast with breads, bagels, jams and various cheese spreads along with fresh fruit and hot coffee, we girls after having breakfast went on a mini trek, it was awesome to walk along the woods and breath fresh air free from pollution and to hear the sound of river near by was a breath taking experience.

It was my another dear friends turn to make lunch she made coriander rice , we packed this and went along with our families to explore the park after trekking a while it was lunch time, we realized that we had not packed plates to eat hence it was lunch in a glass topped with a dollop of yogurt
Came back home and pretty much relaxed the whole evening, It was my turn for Saturday nights dinner, started of with chai and bhel puri for a snack, then roasted corn on the grill, rubbed roasted corn with lemon and chill and salt powder. After few games of cricket, Frisbee and taboo, it was time to set up the camp fire. It was beautify weather clear skies not cold not hot just perfect.

Lit up the camp fire and then everyone got to show their inner child, danced to the tunes ranging from "Don" to "Disco Dancer", little did I know that my friends were such good imitators of bollywood icons, we got to watch Mithunda to dharam jee's steps.
After getting tired of dancing it was time to grill burgers and cheese quesadilla with picante sauce. Few days ago saw Nanditha of Saffron Trial recipe for Black bean burger I decided I would make these. Made the patties the day before and frozen them in a cooler. These came out excellent. ( For burger recipe click here)
Played pictionary till the wee hours which soon turned into a battle of sexes.
Ended the day with Mango cheese cake for dessert

It was our final day like they say all good things come to an end, it was one memorable weekend , another dear friend prepared Maharastrian Poha and pasta with bell pepper ( red & yellow) we packed our brunch and headed to the riverside for a picnic. Kids played a lot in the shallow water, they had a blast walking in the water and throwing stones and hearing the splash.

All in all a great birthday weekend, it could not have been any better good friends, good food and not to mention good wine.

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