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Idli With Coconut Chutney, A Recognition Well Deserved

Idli with Coconut Chutney , a recognition well deserved

Now I never thought that I would blog about Idli, this is such a common food at our home. But this deserves its praise and honour and a place in my blog hence writing about it. Growing up I think I pretty much swore everyday that when I grow big I will never ever make idli, you see my grand father had diabetics and a BP so this was his staple breakfast, very little salt and no oil this was his best choice and hence it was made daily I think pretty much 365 days a year,and as kids we had to eat this for the major part too and hence the aversion. But now as a working mom I love this its easy, tasty and can make endless variations with the batter.

My grandfathers generation were strict disciplinarians be it in diet, exercise routines and everything else, always made it a point to tell us you have to walk 10 min after eating , encouraged us to play rather then watch tv, one of the most annoying things then was my grandfather would force us to read editorial from Hindu (famous newspaper), boy how I hated it. But now realize how grateful and lucky I was to have grown up in their care and guidance, that reading habit caught on and I am an avid reader be it Newsweek , glossy movie masala or my favorite genre Indian authors like Desai's, Jhumpa's or Chitra Banerjeei etc.. . Every vacation of mine starts with what book can I read ?

Idli I believe was originated from karnataka ( Source wiki), but this is eaten pretty much all around south and I assume its available in North too. Idli can be made couple of ways , I generally use urad dal and idli rava but most of my friends make it from par boiled rice.Also they are different variations of idli there is rava idle , khadubu ( idli steamed in banana leaves with pepper corn, coconut pieces, ginger, g.chilies , if you ever visit Bangalore do give this a try ), mini idli's which are bite sized etc..

Now best part of eating idli is the various accompaniment and chutneys that this can be enjoyed with, starting with sambar which is match probably a match made in heaven, coconut chutney , Idli podi ( i cannot even mention the ways that this can be made), allam pachadi ( ginger chutney), tomato pachadi ( tomato chutney), Peanut chutney and so on.

Although making idli is pretty easy there are few tools of the trade that are widely used first up the stone grinder which was pride of any house hold then, idle steamer, special kind of spoon to scoop the idli out of the steamer in order to create a smooth layer of idli. These days I believe we get non-stick microwavable idli steamers ,counter top mini stone grinder making life much more easier.
Check Indira's website for a details on idli grinder here

Made coconut chutney today to accompany our beloved Idli

Ingredients for Idli
1 cup urad dal soaked for about 4-6 hours
2 cups idli rava
To make idle batter
1. grind soaked urad dal into a fine batter, when touched it should be smooth and silky
2. to this batter add idli rava and mix well
3. allow the batter to ferment overnight
4. Add salt before making idlies, This batter stores well for about a week in refrigerator

Coconut chutney
1 cup grated cocnut ( can use frozen coconut )
1 cup roasted channa dal
1/2 cup yogurt
For thadka
1 tbsp of oil
1 tbsp urad dal
1 tbsp jeera
1 tbsp mustard
3-4 R.chilies
8-10 curry leaves
1. grind coconut,channa dal and g.chilies together
2. to this add salt and yogurt and grind well once again
3. place this in a container and to this add thadka ( heat a tbsp of oil in a pan add all the ingredients for thadka and when mustard starts to splutter add this to coconut chutney)
4. mix well and serve with idlies

makes an excellent breakfast or brunch . And tata garu Happy Birthday, and thank you for all your guidance, I might have been a brat then but now I value all your teachings and I am glad to have grown up in your guidance. My grandpa just turned 83 years younger


Vcuisine said...

Nothing can beat this breakfast. Well presented. Viji

Roopa said...

This has a very special place in every south indian kitchen. A very comfort food for us. Very good presentation Sreelu.

Sia said...

ha ha ha...i can very well empathise with u sreelu. now i too LOVE idli coz its simple to make and usually make these for 2-3 days;) apart from sambar i like to have it with coconut chutney which i feel is the best accompaniment.
lovely write-up and happy b'day to ur young tata garu:)

Rajani said...

Hi Sreelu,
Your Idlies looks soft and fluffy.
Yoghurt in chutney that I have to try. Thanks.


Asha said...

I never get tired of looking at Idlies Sreelu,bring them on:))
I will bring some good old Idlis too later!:D

Sharmi said...

I can never get bored of idlis. I can have them at anytime of the day. your pics are beautiful and tempting. I make coconut chutney same way.

DEEPA said...

wow!!!!beautiful plating ....nice piccs ...cool one ....i also make coconut chutney in the same way as u make ....sometimes i add kotamali too ....

Richa said...

idli is one much loved dish, yours look soft & fluffy, a visual treat!

Paddukoti said...

Hi sreelu!!
love u'r beautiful white idlis!!!

Sukanya Ramkumar said...

Nice recipe for idly......I realy want to try this out....nice pictures..

trupti said...

best wishes for your g'father...... I too am so grateful that I got to spend time with my g'father, he was an amazing doctor and what a disciplinarian....I have most of his habits! :)

Idlis are my favorite, but I have yet to make them from the Idli Rava. Your chutney looks so authentic, will try it fir sure...I've ordered some "dalia" recently....!


Ramya's Mane Adige said...

Hey, I completely agree with you on this.... Idlis are indeed very healthy and delicious. Loved your presentation! :)

swapna said...

Hi sreelu
as kids we don't want to listen to what our elders are saying to us.then they say"now u won't understand these things .when u grow up u will definitely think how goos is this"(generally i am talking)..after growing up we will be in the position of them teaching to our kids about good and bad..:-))))i am remembering one song....the circle of life..(from lion king),,heee heeeee..

any way the idlis are looking yummy!!Idlis are very healthy.

Ratna said...

I have tried the coconut chutney,I was a little skeptical about the yogurt(curd) but the chutney turned out superb.Thanks a lot for the recipe.In fact,curd is the secret ingredient for the taste I guess.

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