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JFI - Panasapandu Ullikaram ( Jackfruit Seed Sabji)

JFI - Panasapandu Ullikaram ( Jackfruit Seed Sabji)This weekend had few friends over for brunch, during conversation topic of summer one thing we all thought we missed was ganna juice,thats right my friends Sugarcane juice. I had this few years in a nearby Vietnamese store. So off we went to see if the store still existed and to all our surprise the store existed and not only that their was a huge farmers market in the complex, I have never seen so many tropical fruits being sold since I have stayed in this country, Guavas, raw and sweet Mangoes, Cherimoya and of course Jack fruit not to mention tropical flowers like Malli(jasmine) and Sannajaji ( donno what it is called in English) being sold . I was extremely happy to find my JFI super star, so a quick call in the evening to mom for a recipe and here it is Panasapattu ullikaram. I must say this came out extremely delicious. My elder kid who is a very picky eater asked for a second helping so that's a true testimony of the taste. Loved eating Jackfruit after ages.

Well as delicious the dish was peeling and cutting the seeds was not easy, I kept thinking " Jay & Bee why Jackfruit, you could have chosen Spinach "

2 cups of jack fruit (panasapandu seeds)

For ullikaram ( Onion garlic chutney)
1 big red onion
1 clove garlic
1 tbsp haldi
juice of tamarind ( about 4 tbsp)

For thadka
1 tbsp urad dal
1 tbsp jeera
1 tbsp mustard
3-4 R.chilies
8-10 curry leaves

1. clean jackfruit seeds add salt and boil/pressure cook till 3 whistles
2. remove the skin of the seeds and chop into small cubes and keep aside
3. Grind all the ingredients for Ullikaram(Onion chutney) in a grinder
4. heat a tbsp of oil in a pan and add all the thadka ingredients, then add cubed jackfruit seeds and mix well
5. now add the onion chutney and mix well
6. cook covered for about 5 minutes
7. check for salt and adjust accordingly

Yeilds about 2 cups of sabji

Serve hot with rice or roti's. Boiled Jackfruit seeds tasty very delicious just by themselves too.
This is my entry for JFI- Jackfruit


reena said...

sreelu, i love jackfruit seeds best when it's fried. it tastes likes chips. i am so craving for it. i am still in search for JFI fruit. no luck.

you are so lucky to find so many things at one place. i remember having sugarcane juice as a child but never liked it :)

Sia's Corner said...

OMG!!!! thats jackfruit seeds...i am feeling so J.... i have never seen these fresh seeds here in UK:( i can very well imagine hw ur picky eater kids must have enjoyed it coz once upon a time i used to be like them:) so do u get sugarcane juice as well? u r quite lucky sweetie:)
loved JF palya...looks so delicous and i am craving for them even after having my lunch:)
before i forget i have mailed u.

sra said...

Oh Sreelu, when I read the title and saw the pic, I thought you meant panasapottu, then I read on and see you've used the seed. It looks delicious - I've eaten a savoury dish with jackfruit just once! But seeds, I eat more often, by themselves - my gran once baked them on coals and made us taste them!

Prema said...

Yes.. after a long time Iam seeing the jackfruit seeds. My mom used to boil it and I love them..making a sabji with that is new to me . thanks for sharing.

bee said...

where do you live, gal? i'm coming right over. your dish look delish. b.

Arts said...

Frankly speaking, we never cook anything frm Jackfruit seeds!
Nice recipe though :) its impossible to find jackfruits in any form here.. hope to try sometime when back in India!

Sukanya Ramkumar said...

Wow...Nice recipe for JFI.....I am also think one nice recipe for it...The sabji looks YUMMY!.

Asha said...

Love the seeds!! I used to cook with those in B'lore but here I never get it!:(I have been trying to get some ripe jack fruit,hope I will.
Dish looks mouthwatering.Enjoy luky girl.

Deepa said...

hey sreelu ....great recipe man ..we used to make jackfruits seeds moolaguthal in chennai ...Not sure if we even get the seeds here in st louis ...have to chk out somewhere...But very yummy recipe man ...

Sowmya said...

Hi Srrelu, I see that you are blogging from California. I am in Bay area. CAn you give me the address/location of this store?
Thanks in advance.

Jeena said...

Hi there nice blog :) Your recipes look really tasty :)

Roopa said...

wow sreelu i am drooling! i love them here i can't find it available. itry to preserve seeds when i buy jackfuit but never enough for palya though. i love the smocky roasted seeds.

Sreelu said...


I live in the sunshine state of CA, more precisely in Bay area.

yes we do get sugarcane juice with a dash of lemon made right in front of us.thanks for the email

Asha & Prema,
I love boiled seeds too, they taste yummy.

Welcome to my blog, glad you liked it ,hope to see you often

Try chineese or Vietnameese stores

arts& reena
Thank you

I found this store in a shady complex close to tully on 101.There is a drive by starbucks in the complex.intersection king & tully
let me know if u need more info

Sharmi said...

chala baga undi! amazing entry. I wish I was in California!! I could even get jasmine flowers. very nice recipe.

Suma Gandlur said...

Meru panasahonalatho koora chesaru anukunna. You have used the seeds to make a yummy sabji.Lovely entry.

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