Friday, May 11, 2007

Paneer Kebabs

Paneer Kebabs
My entry for Nupur A-Z of Indian Vegetables. All things staring with "P"

Have our first barbecue party for this summer this Saturday, I volunteered to make grilled kebabs, what better way to eat paneer then grilled. For these barbecue kebabs I have used all things "P" Paneer, Pineapple, Pepper (red), Pudina, Pyaaz( Onion). A little bit preparation ahead will make these the talk of the party and well as delicious. Marinated these over night for best results.

Calculate your ingredients according to the number of kebabs you plan to make.
I add 2 cubes of Paneer, 2 Pineapple pieces per skewer.

Paneer cut into cubes
Pineapple cut into cubes
red onion cut into cubes ( whole small onion will make a great looking kebab's too)
Red bell pepper cut into cubes ( add yellow pepper for extra color)
Pudina (for flavor, this is optional I add because it grows wild in my back yard)

soak Skewers in water at least for 4-5 hours, else they get easily burned on the grill.

For marinate
I make yogurt based marinate, you can substitute with tomato based too

2 cups of yogurt, beaten into a fine consistency
2 tbsp ginger garlic paste
2 tbsp haldi
1 tbsp tandoori masala or garam masala
salt according to taste
R.chili powder optional
can add red food coloring to give a nice color to the paneer

1.Mix all the marinate ingredients and pour then in a big Ziploc bag
2. To this marinate add Paneer, Onion, Pineapple and Pepper toss all the ingredients well in the Ziploc, prick paneer and pineapple with tooth picks, this helps absorbs the marinate
3. store in the refrigerator over night

For making kebabs
1. heat your grill or you can do this on a tava
2. Arrange all the marinated veggies on a skewer, add a pudina leaf for flavor and color( this is optional however)
3.Grill this for few minutes on all sides, rub with marinate if the kebab's seem dry

Serve hot with a dash of lime. These not only look absolutely beautiful but taste amazingly too. Add a cool lemonade or lassi and enjoy your summer.


sra said...

Picturesque - that's a comment with a 'P' for an 'all-P' dish!

Richa said...

love that marinade, i do it the same way but without ginger, will try it next time :)

trupti said...

This is perfect for the summer.....more reasons to use the grill outdoors!

thanks Sree.


TheCooker said...

(the 'P' is silent) :-)

sailaja said...

Perfect! I love the last image.

Sig said...

picture perfect!

Nupur said...

What an awesome entry, Sreelu! Thanks so much...the kebabs look too pretty to eat!

Roopa said...

wonderfull entry,it is mouthwatering!

reena said...

i use halloumi for paneer. this is P for perfect entry :)

Suganya said...

That looks sooo good :)

Sukanya Ramkumar said...

WOW! great recipe...It's soo colourful....I love it....

Coffee said...

Thats P for Picturesque!!!!!

Deepa said...

excellent pics ...too good ....

Sharmi said...

the Kebabs look mouthwatering. yummy pic and great entry.

Sia's Corner said...

oh wow...u guys already had BBq party? its raining cats and dogs here. so donno when our number will come;) beautifully presented sreelu. i love the way u capture those colours:)

Anonymous said...

great presentation...really nice party food...thanks for sharing

Sreelu said...

sra,Trupthi, The cooker, Sailaja, sig,roopa,Suganya, Sukanya, Coffee, Deepa & Sharmi

Pthank you ( P silent ofcourse !)

I usually use the store brought ginger garlic paste, much easier :)

Nice weather and good friends can we ask for anything more :) enjoy your summer

You are always very sweet with your comments. thanks for hosting the event

what is halloumi ?


Thanks for your comments and welcome to my blog

Nandita said...

These look so appetizing dear girl, gorgeous spring colours-
have replied your query on my blog, just pasting it here, for your convenience:
I haven't frozen them myself, but I don't see a reason why you can't do it!
You can actually make them, place them on a baking sheet, and place in freezer until individual burgers are frozen and then put them all into a ziploc bag.
DO let me know how it turned out. I may just freeze some myself for a quick weekday meal...and do have loads of fun in the camp!

Anupama said...

Hey Sreelu I just bought some new skewers from my trip to the lake district. I know now whats going to be my first dish using them

Ramya's Mane Adige said...

Wow!!! this one looks gr8!! thanx :)

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