Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Punjabi kadi

Punjabi Kadi
Today's recipe is Punjabi kadi, learnt this from an Punjabi aunt who was an amazing cook. This is a yogurt based sabji/daal variety eaten with roti's traditionally pakoda's are made with besan and added to kadi. But today due to lack of time made kadi without the pakoda/dumplings, again this can be prepared in less then few 10 minutes. Tastes best when eaten warm


2 cups dahi/Yogurt/ curd
2 tbsps besan/ gram flour
1/2 onion cut vertically
3 garlic cloves chopped finely
2 tbsp garlic chopped finely
1 tbsp kasoori methi
2-3 red chilies
8-10 curry leaves
1 tbsp jeera
1/2 tspn methi seeds
salt according to taste

1. heat a tbsp of oil, (traditionally ghee is used) add jeera, methi seeds, ginger, garlic , kasoori methi, haldi, r.chilies and curry leaves
2. add finely cut onions and saute till these turn translucent
3. in a separate bowl mix yogurt, besan and chili powder with water to make it a consistency of thick lassi
4. add the above mixture to sauted onions add salt and mix well
5. allow to boil till about 5 minutes or you see big bubbles

Serve hot with puhlka/roti's very delicious and nutritious too


Roopa said...

Kadhi looks great! with rotis for a dip is just nice!

Alapana said...

With rotis or hot rice,this kadi works great,amma makes it with besan pakodas in it and papad at one side this tastes so good,i will make it tonight:)

Asha said...

Just saw Gujarati Kadhi at Kajal's and now Punjabi Kadhi Khadi!!YUM!!!Looks mouthwatering!Thanks for the recipe.

Guess what! I have Punjabi food this week.

DEEPA said...

Wow !!1Japat Kadi ...thks for the recipe , will try it out soon .. looks yummy man

Sharmi said...

that is a quick one ! I too have a punjabi kadi in my blog:))

Sukanya Ramkumar said...

Ur kadi looks nice... Its colourfull.. i realy want to try it out....

Coffee said...

I saw this kadhi few days back and made it today for dinner. It came out lovely!!!!! Very delicious!!!!! Thanks Sreelu!! :)

Sreelu said...


Glad you tried it out and liked it, its our favorite too at home

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