Monday, May 7, 2007

Rice Sevai

Rice Sevai

Had this for the first time at "Uphaar Darshini" in Bangalore, This tiny restaurant mostly a stand up place is very popular and crowded and yet they managed to serve extremely mouth watering and delicious tiffins very quickly and effectively. One of the best fast food/stand up restaurants around south Bangalore/Gandhinagar. I loved watching them prepare dosa's on a huge tava, about 20 or so at a time and yet everyone of them came out in a perfect circle and exact color.Rice savai was one of their speciality and was usually served with coconut chutney and samabar.

This is a very simple ,easy and a very quick dish to prepare, makes an excellent choice for potlucks. Vegetables can be added to hearts content.Made this over the weekend for brunch. For today's recipe I used trader joes frozen soy beans and corn, this makes an excellent way to snuck in vegetables.

2 cups of rice sevai ( Usually available as dragon brand in Indian grocery stores)
Hot boiled water to soak rice sevai
1 cup of mixed vegetables ( beans, peas, soy beans, corn)
1 red onion cut finely
1 potato peel and cubed
2 tbsp ginger
1 green chili cut finely
handful of cashew nuts
10 curry leaves
1 tbsp Jeera
1 tbsp urad dal
1 tbsp mustard seeds
1 tbsp haldi
Juice of 1 big lemon

1. Boil water and when boiled add this to rice sevai and keep it closed for 2 minutes.make sure rice sevai is completely covered with boiling water
2. In a large pan take a tbsp of oil when hot add jeera,urad, mustard seeds, g.chiles, cashew nuts, onion, potato and all frozen vegetables
3. Add haldi and salt and mix well
4. add a little bit of water to cook potatoes
5. drain sevai and remove all excess water
6. now add this to the vegetable mixture and toss well
7. remove from flame and add lemon juice
8. add coriander and mix well

Serve hot with sambar and coconut chutney. This is very light and does not make you feel stuffed.


Anjali said...

Sreelu MTR too has started rice sevai. I love UD there cooking is homemade style and the flavours just right. Thanks.

Sia's Corner said...

everytime i used to pass from UD even if i had finished my lunch i couldn't resist their masala dosas:) my mouth is watering while writing this:) and i loved ur stuffed bajji's with onion masala. gonna make that very soon and will let u know:)

Asha said...

I haven't been to India since 1992 and reading about B'lore restaurant made me nostalgic!Sevai ot Shavige Bhaat as we call it in Kannada looks great.Thanks Sreelu:)

bee said...

hmmmm gotta look for the dragons. i've never cooked sevai before. this will work with poha, maybe?

Mandira said...

The sevai looks delicious. We have some sevai left, time for another round :)

Priya Dilip said...

Hi sreelu... first time around your blog and there are lots of andhra recipes in ur blog, that mom dint include in her cooking.. as i try them out, i will let you know how it turned out...
thanks for sharing..

Reena said...

i have had sevais at a tamil friend's. i make it rarely. i need to try it often. easy and tasty.

Sreelu said...


Haven't seen MTR sevai, will watch for it next time I shop for sevai

Bangalore has one of the best standup resturants, things have changed so much since I left too


You can try Poha but it willnot be the same :(


I love UD dosa's too. very very tasty

Rina & Priya,
Try it its easy and let me know how it goes

rice sevai again should not be bad

Roopa said...

hmm sevai looks very good Sreelu, you made me feel nostalgic with the bangalore yummy dishes at the UD

Prema Sundar said...

Just yesterday I bought rice sevai and thought I will do lemon sevai, but ur recipe looks good and iam going to try this Sreelu .. thanks.
vizag style onion bhajis look so nice Sreelu.

DEEPA said...

hey rice sevai have added corn to it ...i make sevai often will surely try ur style next time ...thks for sharing

Sushma said...

Isnt it good to be in India...atleast whenever you want you have mouthwatering Tiffins all over..the rice sevai looks really full of flavours..

A nice weekend breakfast meal

swapna said...

Hi sreelu
rice sevai looks lovely.One of the easiest break fasts.

Suma Gandlur said...

Love shaavige bhath /rice sevai. So yummy.

Prema said...

I tried ur rice sevai yesterday and it came out really well.. we all enjoyed it.. thanks

Chella said...

Your recipe has a good amount vegetable content, so, has to be tastier and healthier too. Keep up the good work.

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Ashwini Pallapothu said...

Hi Sreelu akka...
tis is Ashwini frm AKP murali uncle daughter.
akka ur receipes are very good and i have learnt frm ur blog...
pics are very attractive..
Thanks akka:)))

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