Monday, May 28, 2007

Saggu Biyam Pachadi (Saboodana Chutney)

Saggu Biyam Pachadi (Saboodana Chutney)Saboo dana is widely used in India for making foods usually to break a fast, Its made into khichdi's, Puddings, Halwa, and Kheer.To learn more about saboo dana click here .Today's recipe is from my MIL, My mil is not a very enthusiastic cook but when she does it tastes amazing, learnt this from here when she was visiting us few years ago.

This will be entry for dear Nupur's A-Z of Indian vegetables

This is a very easy chutney/pachadi however this need to be prepared few hours a head for saboo dana to soak and get soft
1/2 cup saboo dana (saggu biyam)
2 cups yogurt
2 G. chiles
1 R. Chiles
2 tbsp Ginger
1 tspn mustard seeds
1 tspn jeera
1 tspn urad dal
1 tbsp haldi
8-10 curry leaves
2 tbsp Ghee
Salt according to taste

1. heat 2 tbsp of ghee in a pan, when melted add all the ingredients except Yogurt and mix well
2. fry for about 2 minutes until saboo dana is coated with ghee
3. remove from heat, place in a dish and add yogurt add salt and mix well
4. Allow it to marinate/soak for about 5-6 hrs, check in-between to see if extra yogurt is needed
garnish with corriander and serve with hot rice


Sreelu said...
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anusharaji said...

simply love it.....esp the way u soaked it in yogurt after frying
luv the shots too
this surely is top of my to do list ;)

sra said...

Sreelu, have never ever heard of this! Somewhat like perugannam.

Asha said...

Sreelu,this looks and sounds like wonderful dish.Never made Sago chutney.YUMMY!!!
Thank you so much friend,new recipe for me:))

Sia said...

thats very new recipe for me sreelu...never used sabudana to make chtney. sounds very interesting and would love to try it someday. pica are as usual beautiful...

trupti said...

You come up with some really neat recipes....Sago Pachadi, who would have thought? Certainly not me! :)


Ramya's Mane Adige said...

hey, had never heard of this recipe before... Indeed a simple and ez to make! :)

TheCooker said...

This is a new one for me!
Would've never thought of combining sabudana (which for me is strictly a 'fasting' food) with ginger/mustard etc.

Madhavi said...

wow!simple and easy recipe.never heard of this before.but,just a doubt before trying!
will it be like a paste after sabudana is soaked.will it be comfortable to mix it with rice?just out of curiosity!!!

Sreelu said...


it does not become sticky, still retains its shape and has creamy texture

Suganya said...

They look like pearls. Love the colour and the texture. I haven't heard abt this recipe though.

Mandira said...

sabudana chutney, sreelu that's so innovative. I want to try it now...

Cynthia said...

Sreelu, we use this ingredient primarily for breakfast by making porridge. I first a savoury dish made of saboodana on Roopa's blog. Thanks for sharing.

Madhavi said...

I tried your recipe last night and it came out good. Just as u said it was not soggy.thanks for sharing a nice recipe.

Sharmi said...

that is a very new and nice recipe. will have to try out sometime. will the sabudana get fried and cooked in ghee. looks great though.

Vcuisine said...

Interesting and something new for me Sreelu. Will try it definitely. Viji

Arts said...

thats totally new for me!!
since sabudana is prepared only on fast days, i havent dared to try it wit ginger, mustard and dals..
thanks for sharing.. will try it out!

Sreelu said...


Glad you liked it. If you add sour curd it gives an extra zing to it.I usually like sour stuff so.

Rest all thanks a ton for your comments.

Nupur said...

Very unusual, Sreelu! I'm always learning something new from you.

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