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Stuffed Bajji's with Onion Masala Vizag Beach Style

Bajji's with Onion Masala Vizag Beach Style For anyone who have been to Visakhapatnam or Vizag I am sure would have been to the star attraction of the city "the beach", I was fortune to have spent half of my life living by the sea, beach was an integral part of my daily life, we could see the beach from our roof top. Come Saturdays and Sundays beach would be so crowded and full of people, vendors, vehicles. Vizag still has a pristine and non-commercial sea coast. Some of the major tourist spots would be R.K beach and Rushikonda. This city also has been a part of countless movies, notable one in Hindi which comes to my mind would be "Ek Dujhe ke liye".For more info on Vizag click here

Now coming to the food fare at the beach, some staples are corn being roasted on hot coal and then being generously rubbed with lemon dipped in a spicy mixture of red.chili powder and salt, chaat stuff, salted peanut roasted and of course today's recipe bajji stuffed with onion masala. These taste so good, they are usually served in a paper cone with lemon sprinkled over. The taste is amazing I think saltiness and sultriness adds to the flavor.

I have made this countless time for friends and every time it was enjoyed thoroughly.These bajji's are cut into small pieces and then added to puffed rice or moori mixture.

Every time I make this I see myself recounting all those beautiful memories I had growing up in this beautiful city.


For Bajji's
2 cups besan
1 tbsp Ajwain seeds
1 tsp R.chili powder
1/2 tsp Baking soda
Salt according to taste
1 potato sliced thinly ( Raw plantain can also be substituted)

Oil to deep fry

For Onion masala/stuffing
1 big red onion cut finely into small pieces
1 tbsp R.chili powder
salt according to taste
juice of 1 big lemon


1. Mix all the ingredients for bajji’s, let the batter be of thick consistency this way it will stick and coat the potatoes well.
2. Heat oil in shallow pan
3. When oil is hot add the well coated potato slice and fry
4. Turn sides to fry both sides, takes about 1-2 minutes depending on the heat and number of Potato
5. Remove from heat and place on a tissue to absorb excess oil

For Onion masala
Mix all the ingredients and let them marinate in lemon juice for about 1/2 hour

Once bajji's are a warm,slit them in the middle and stuff with onion masala.

Serve immediately.Makes a perfect Tea snack or an appetizer

This is also my entry for O for Onion for Nupur's A to Z Indian vegetables


Asha said...

Never seen this before Sreelu!I mean Bajjis stuffed with onion that is.Looks great,almost like chaat.YUM! I will make it just to taste it!Thanks:))

sra said...

ah sreelu, noroorutondi!

Anonymous said...

is it jalapenos bajjis or potato? May be you did a cut & paste from your jalapenos bajjis posted before.

Sreelu said...


This was our favorite food when we went to beach


Naku chala istam ee bajjilu.vigaz lo ayyithe mari tasty ga untayi


thanks for the pointer, it infact was a cut paste from Jalepeno bajji.
corrected since :)

Arts said...

The bhajis look so yummy :)
have tasted stuffed matki bhajis.. will surely try these!

evolvingtastes said...

Sreelu, that is a pretty photograph and the bajjis look delicious. Have never seen these before, very interesting.

bee said...

those are the prettiest bajjis i have seen.

Nupur said...

Just beautiful, Sreelu! Your beach memories made my mouth water :)

Manasi said...

Awesome!! they look too good! The beach... and bajjis!perfect combo!!

Suganya said...

I have heard people raving abt the beach and bajjis of Vizag... I gotta try these.. Thanks for sharing with us :)

Roopa said...

Sreelu that looks very nice! i never heard of this though thks for sharing!

Rajani said...

Hi Sreelu,
Very yummy looking bajji's.


DEEPA said...

wow sreelu ..too good and very yummy man ...thks for shairng ..have never been to vizag , but love the beaches over there ,,

Sreelu said...


What is matki bajji's I would love to hear about it

Reena said...

srelu, i have never seen or tasted this. beach and hot bajjis does sound to die for.

Sukanya Ramkumar said...

It looks excelent...never been to vizag beach.....but I long to visit the beach to eat this bajji..... Crazy right........It looks soo good.

Sreelu said...

Manasi, Suganya, Deepa, Reena and Sukanya

Guys what can I say, Beach is vizag's pride and these bajji add to it. Hope you guys get a chance to visit this beautiful place

Roopa, Evolvingtastes,

Give it a try next time you make bajji's I bet your guests will love it

Sharmi said...

I loved the look of those onions inside the bajjis. nice chat phat snack. will have to try out sometime. but I dont think in my house anyone is going to wait till I make the masala onions.:)

Suma Gandlur said...

Never heard about them. Looks so delicious.

Arts said...

Those are bhajis similar to what u have prepared.. just the stuffing is different.. the stuffing consists of sprouted Moath beans(matki) and spicy onion mixture.. tastes awesome!

Sowmya said...

Hi Sreelu garu,

Chala memories gurthuku vachayi ee bajjilu choosi. beach lo friends tho kalisi bajji muri mixture mavidikaya thine rojulu gurthu techaru. thanks. Nenu ivi chala frequent ga chesthanu. almost ilane.

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