Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Bobbatulu /Puran Poli

Bobbatulu /Puran Poli
This I can vouch as a our family's favorite sweet, this always is made during special occasions and festivals. Though the process of making might be a little intimidating the end result is just delicious.The best part about this sweet is the purnam/puran can be made in advance and refrigerated and can be used to make Bobbatulu/poli right when guest arrive.Coconut in added in karnataka cooking however that is optional. Also this can be made with sugar or jaggery. My recipe for today is made of sugar.

Ingredients for Puranam/Puran
1 cup Channa dal
1 cup sugar
1 tbsp of finely ground elachi powder
Process to make purnam
1. pressure cook channa dal untill 3 whistles
2. once done drain the water completely out and make sure there is no water in the boiled channa and mash into a fine paste with a potato masher
3. In a pan add sugar and about few 5 tbsp on water and boil till all the sugar melts and it turns syrupy
4. To this syrup add mashed channa paste and mix well
5. Keep stirring for about 3 minutes till the paste thickness and forms a thick paste
remove from heat and allow to cool

For making attu/poli
1. Mix 1 cup of maida with about 1/4 cup water add a pinch of salt and 1tbsp of sugar
2. This should be of chapati/roti consistency
3. Pour about 1/4 cup of oil over the dough and allow it to rest for a while
To make bobbatulu/Pooran Poli
1. take a small portion of purnam/puran and roll into a ball
2. take a small portion of dough and cover the puran ball completely
3. roll the ball flat either with a belan or with hand
4. Heat tava and and place bobbatu/pooran poli
5. Fry on both sides
6. Add a little bit of oil/ghee for making the sides a little crispy

Serve hot, these will practically melt in your mouth. Pooran as mentioned stores well for about a week or so in a air tight container in a refrigerator


TheCooker said...

The puran polis look so good. A big favourite in our family.
BTW, the polis are quite freezer friendly.

Sharmi said...

my MIL makes great puran polis. yours looks great.

Suganya said...

Love poli. I have one question though. When i make poli here it shrinks way too small in size. Is it bcoz of the flour? I used maida from Indian stores. I never had this problem in India.

bee said...

we loe this too. sreelu, have you tried making thise with whole wheat atta? i think they taste even better. hope you are having a great time in india.

Roopa said...

looks delicious! i love holige as we call in kannada but we use jaggery instead of sugar.looks like having a great treat!

sra said...

Sreelu, nice to see your posts. I did travel for a few days, but not to Hyderabad. Have fun!

Cynthia said...

Without giving away too much, I've made something similar for my post this week and my column. :) Yours looks just as yummy.

Prema Sundar said...

Love puran polis Sreelu. As u said it is a bit difficult to make ...but the end result is fabulous.

DEEPA said...

polis are looking great and perfect to eat is really a difficult recipe and time consuimg one ....thks for sharing

Sukanya Ramkumar said...

This is my fav.......Ur looks them...

Sia said...

looks like someone is having a gala time in india:) girl, u surely r making me go green with envy:) its my family fav too. enjoy all the goodenss of india:)

Srivalli said...

lovely looking polis...we also make them quite often...


Jenni said...

I just made puran poli today, and then I came on here and saw your recipe! I use jaggery in mine, and I add coconut too. Also, I have always put a little turmeric in the poli dough. It makes them a beautiful yellow colour!

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