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Chapathi/Roti Fry

Chapathi/Roti Fry
Now not everyday it happens that you look at a recipe while blog hopping and realise boy not only is this recipe yummy,easy but guess what I have all the ingredients to prepare it. So happened Sra dear made this elaborate express cooking spread and had a yummy recipe for Roti/Chapathi fry, You see roti's are a daily fare at home for both lunch and dinner ,so as you can guess by the end of Friday the thought of eating dry roti which has been lying in the refrigerator for a week makes my senses very sad, so like a saviour found this recipe to put life back and salvage those dry dear rotis.
The best part of this recipe all the ingredients including curry leaves, lemon,chilies except Onions were home grown and freshly picked right before preparing. I am an ardent gardener and the immense joy to see the saplings grow and fruit is a true bliss. I truly get attached to these plants, each tree I planted had some significance, either a addition to our family or a major event always have a story or an incident behind each tree planted.

From Sra's recipe tested ,tasted and enjoyed it ..,only alteration was added lemon and tomato.

Fried Chapattis
What you need:
Onion – 1, chopped
Oil – 2 tsp
Mustard seeds – ½ tsp
Turmeric – ½ tsp
Chilli powder – ½ tsp
Green chillies – 2, chopped
Salt – to taste
Curry leaves – a sprig

Heat the oil in a pan, pop the mustard.
Add the onion, curry leaves and the green chillies, fry a bit now add chopped tomatoes.fry for a minute or two
Now add the chapatti bits, the turmeric, chillies/chilli powder and salt,lemon and mix well.

Picture of today fresh produce from my backyard
Happy Californian Lemon

My treasure ,curry leaves tree/kadi pathOld faithful Tomato vines
Thanks Sra for an wonderful alternative to eating roti


Nandita said...

Love the colours, and nothing like stepping out into your backyard to pick the curry lea
This is a traditional Maharashtrian way of recycling stale chapatis and it is called Phodni CHapati (meaning tadka chapatis)
I love this dish but i rarely have any leftover chapatis, since i make the exact number for two of us :)

Lakshmi said...

Hi Sreelu, Loed your garden and their inhabitants. There lies happiness in gazing at them when they grow and cooking with fresh veggies from backyard.

Suganya said...

OK! You have CURRY LEAVES in yr backyard :O. Gimme yr address, I am coming!

Sreelu said...

Never heard about Thadka Chapati, thanks for the info

True there is pure happiness in growing vegetables and then enjoying their fruits

@Suganya dear,
My address silicon valley, Sunny California, make sure to ping me if you ever visit this corner of the world

Vcuisine said...

Sreelu, which one to admire first. Your plate or the lively plants. A nice dish with the fresh produce. Admire your interst in gardening. I was born and brought up in a place where we had beautiful garden maintained by my grandpa. I could sense your feelings. Viji

sra said...

Sreelu, your chapatti dish looks much better than mine. Also, thanks for the credit but the idea is not really mine - it's a Maharashtrian way of recycling this stuff - I'd mentioned this in my comments.
You're growing curry leaf in the US? Wow!

Sreelu said...

My yard is not that big, but yes I truly enjoy gardening, it my stress buster. I grew up with grandparents having huge gardens too.now a rarity I guess

thanks for the compliments, thought its a maharastrain dish, heard it first time through your blog ,hence you deserve the credit.
Yes I grow curry leaves in US and boy I raised it like a kid

TheCooker said...

Oh, how I miss going into the garden to pluck a few curry leaves!
Your 'treasures' look wonderful.

Roopa said...

wow Sreelu, i dearly adore your garden! The dish with left over chapati looks yummy too!

Sharmi said...

Ya I liked the fried chapati recipe in Sra's blog. your pics tempt me. you have lemon grrrrr....
curry leaves?!!!! waw. lucky you. it has already started raining here.

Sreelu said...

@TC , yes its lot of fun to pick something right of the tree and cook it

@Roopa ,thanks

Lemon is a very common tree here in CA, however curry leaves is an other story,got it from a guy in Sandeigo few years back

Coffee said...

Thats a wonderful garden indeed! :)

Ever since I saw that fried chapati on Sra's blog I have been wanting to try it........ yours makes me want to even more. :)

Asha said...

Looks delicious, I have to try when I come home. Lemon trees looks great too:)

Padma said...

Chapati tadka is a favo recipe in our home too, we also do the same with leftover idlis....I am so much in love with that lemon n kadi patta...lucky you!

Arts said...

My favourite qucik breakfast.. we call this fodnichi poli :) Lotsa memories attached with this dish..Thx for sharing!
U have a lovely garden :)

Aruna said...

That looks heavenly!!! Never tried one before.. :-)


Tee said...

Fried chapati ---my favourite! We make this regulary and it is called 'Phodnichi poli' in Marathi. We break the chapati into smaller pieces though, but this is the best way to use up all the leftover chapatis! :)

Saju said...

Chachi and I were just talking about making this on Sunday!! You must be telepathic. Your Roti fry looks so delish! We call it vagharali mani (mani is kutchi for roti).

Manasi said...

We have this in Maharashtrians/ kannadigas, call it fodnichi poli! Picking fresh curry leaves!!aaah!!!
Love the presentation!

TBC said...

Is this similar to the thing called " Kotthu Paratha"?. I had eaten that once and had like it.
Your pic is beautiful. And that's a great way to use leftover chappatis.

Sandeepa said...

You have such a lovely garden...beautiful

Sreelu said...

@Coffee, thanks garden is in full bloom just for few more days

@Asha, hope you try it, it was quick and easy

@padma, chapthi tadka is is new to me, I have this dish have so many names

I am amazed to see many names for the same dish,fodnichi poli is this Maharasrtian I assume

Sreelu said...

@Aruna, try it ,its easy and simple

@Tee, same dish with different names in different cusines,thanks for sharing Marati name

@Wow Saju, so telepathic ah ha !!, let me guess what you are thinking ,may be a vacation in Europe, another name for the same dish I love it

Was in Bangalore for a while never heard of this. I am glad I know about it now

Sreelu said...

@TBC, Kottu parata, never heard of the name but glad to know its the same

Thanks a ton

Shankari said...

which part of CA r u in? If you like in bay area, try to visit saravana bhavan and have their kothu parotta..out of the world:)

Sreelu said...

I am soo from Bay area, hmm I never went past masala dosa in Saravana Bhavan, will try next time I am there

Latha said...

Love the pictures! The alternative to chapathis looks so delicious! Will try it soon! You should give us some photo taking tips ;-)

Nirmala said...

Aagh yes. The lemon tree. Every Indian I know has one except for me since I'm a renter. I love your garden. I hope to have a true garden one day. In the mean time, I grow things in containers.

Sukanya Ramkumar said...

Hi Sreelu...
Roti fry is looking amzing...Nice recipe...Lovely picture..

Sreelu said...

My is trial and error photography,thanks for the compliments though

lemon and Orange are common in Bay area, what kind of plants do you grow in containers


Thanks !!

ramya said...

hey the chapathi fry looks good.one more recioe to try.nice one

Laavanya said...

The chapathi-fry looks really good.. like kothu parotta. Will definitely try this. Thanks Sreelu.

Sreelu said...

@Ramya , Thanks

@Laavanya , I should try kothu parotta sometime

Rajitha said...

sreelu love those veggies and lemon out of the garden.. and thanks for the roti fry recipe, my friend would get it in her box all the time, now i know how to make it :)btw - lovely photos

Channa said...

Your photo is beautiful! I must make this, it looks so wonderful! Please tell me about how many chapathis you used, and how much tomato. Thank you.

Channa said...

Your photo is beautiful. I must make this, it looks so tasty. Please tell me how many chapathis you used, and how much tomato. Thank you.

Mocha said...

This looks yummy. need to try it.
Beautiful photos too. Bloggers like u inspire newbies like me

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