Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Once Upon A Time In A Quiet ,Cute And Beautiful Town Repost

Reposting one of my travel post from few year ago. I still remember this like it was yesterday !!

surrounded by water on all four sides,beautiful canals, trees drooping over the water ways, cobble stone walks ways, small antique shops where everything seems so unique, beautiful shops with some of the most exotic laces ever made by hand, florist with some of the most fragrant antique English roses and lavender, chocolate chocolate every where, does this seems like a town from a fairy tale, well I had a chance to visit this beautiful and cute little town beyond words in Belgium called Brugge.

They say pictures talk/say a thousand words, so here is Brugge in pictures for you

Beautiful flower shops with English Lavender and some of the most fragrant Antique English Roses.

Small antique shops with cute hand made stuff

Even the smallest of the restaurants/brasseries as they are called had some of the most exquisite flower arrangements

Belgian chocolates are said to be the finest and true to this, chocolates just melt in your mouth, oh so creamy, delicious and texture was as soft as silk. There was chocolate chocolate everywhere

Town center with its old building was so cute, had nice restaurants and was a major tourist spot

And for all you Tin-Tin comic fans, This is where it all started. Tin Tin comic originated from Brugee so I was told, Original tin tin books were available but of course they costed a fortune
French Fries as we call them were originally Belgian and were first made/originated in Belgium, these are sold on carts on the street as well dressed up and sold in restaurants. I was amazed at the number of dipping sauces available, in my world I knew fries and tomato ketchup were a match made in heaven, tried their curry sauce and andalouse sauce both out of the world.

option for dipping sauces

All in all a very beautiful experience, hope you all had a lovely time with my virtual tour


Latha said...

Lovely pictures Sreelu! Brugge sounds so picture perfect, serene and pretty - almost like out of an English romantic novel! Glad i got to visit this place through u're vurtual tour!

shammi said...

Loved your Brugge pix - brought back so many lovely memories! My friend and I had great fun when we went there :) Looks like you had a great time too.

Asha said...

Sreelu, we have been to Brugge and had a boat ride in that canal.I think I have the photos too somewhere .Brought back all the memories,it's been long time since we have been to Europe!:)
It was so easy to tour all these places when we used to live in England.Now kids are grown, it's pretty expensive from US to go there.Lucky you! Enjoy!:))
Thanks for posting these.

Sreelu said...

@Latha, I am glad you liked,it truly was like a chapter for an english romantic novel

@Asha, true moving around europe is such a breeze, agreed with the rising euro it gets very expensive with kids.mine are still small so many attraction and tickets were free :)

Indeed had a good time

TBC said...

Beautiful pics! We almost see you in that reflection in the window:-)

Rajitha said...

wow! looking at ur pics i want to eat tonnes of fries and chocolates rightaway!!

Sandeepa said...

Sreelu, so quaint and beautiful

bhags said...

Its picture perfect.....surely makes to the list of my places to be visited

bhags said...

Its picture perfect.....surely makes to the list of my places to be visited

Nags said...

love the green of your template.. and ur amazing virtual tour, especially the flowers! i so love them!!

sra said...

Sreelu, you are blessed to be able to visit all these places. Brugge seems really lovely.

Raaga said...

you seem to have had a great time. Lovely pics :-)

Sreelu said...

@tbc, now the surprise element of the blog would have been busted

@Rajitha, all during my stay lets just say I did the same

@Sandeepa ,thanks !!

Yes it truly is a beautiful place to visit

Sreelu said...

@nags, Thanks for the compliment

@Sra, there is a reason my blog has a travel in its title, I sure love to travel

@Raaga, sure did have a blast

Jyothsna said...

Sreelu, I read and saw pics of Brugge last week and was telling my hubby we shd visit this place soon :) Venice of the North?

Latha Narasimhan said...

You live in a beautiful place! Nice pictures!

Laavanya said...

Thanks for the virtual tour Sreelu.. what a quaint, charming place. I am a TinTin fan - great to know that this is where the fun began. Those chocolates look heavenly and the flowers, so beautiful. I used to like fries and mayonnaise loooong back (have gotten over it now) :)

Padma said...

Lovely post and such a lovely place to be Sreelu...thanks for those wonderful snaps of flowers, I loved them....

Mythili said...

Charming indeed !!! Lovely pictures... thanks for sharing them with us Sreelu.

Suganya said...

Not a single person, I have met, who have been to Belgium, gives a diff account. Is that place that pretty? One day I will have some travelogues on Belgium..

Cynthia said...

I thoroughly enjoyed the virtual tour!

Sirisha Kilambi said...

Nice one Srilu...Liked ur post very much and the pics too ;-)

Sreelu said...

Is it really called Venice of the North, wow did not know that thanks for the info

@Latha , thanks girl

Oh boy I ate like crazy the 2 days I was in Brugge, they were so delicous and sauces amazing

@Padma Glad you love them

Sreelu said...

@Mythili, Glad you liked them

@Suganya, Sure should make a trip, it is so totally worth it

@Cynthia dear glad you enjoyed Brugge ticket free

@Sirisha, Hey I see that you are a newbie to my blog, a big welcome and thanks for your comments

Coffee said...

I want to visit this place now! So serene! :)

Arts said...

Lucky me :)
Visited Brugge yesterday as was gettng bored sitting home all alone..
yes.. its that near to my place, Ghent :)
And its my favourite city too..
Belgian fries and chocolates serve as my lunch at times :D Nice pics!

Madhavi said...

Hi Sreelu!
You have an award in my blog.plz visit my blog to see the have a great blog here and I think you deserve this award.So,I have passed it to you.

Sharmi said...

oh what a wonderful virtual tour!! the pics are too good and thanks for sharing. you must have truly enjoyed. I am going to keep this place in mind.

Sreelu said...

@Coffe , it will be worth a trip for sure

@Arts, its sure lucky you, I ate fries like crazy the fe days I was in Gent.


Thank you sooooooo much,will accept it

Sharmi enjoy virual tour with mind any time

Vcuisine said...

Sreelu lovely pictures to share. Nice to see them. Thanks for sharing. Viji

Mahek said...

sreelu ,
you know when see such places on travel and living i always wish i could visit them but i do not know whether i will be fortunate enough to watch them, but thro you i could go on a virtual tour of the place which is so beautiful in pictures that i can imagine what it will be in person..
i am facinated by the river side or wayside cafes which are not found in india did you find any there?

yasoda said...

hi srilu...ur dishes r very very tasty...thanks for ur recepies..

Sumi said...

Good to know that you have visited brugge..We visited Brugge last year, and yes its mesmerising.For the first time I felt those cities decribed in our good old non-detail books really existed.
Glad to find another person sharing the same thoughts

Ani said...

looks lovely Sridevi

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