Sunday, August 19, 2007

Tomato Chaat Masala

Tomato Chaat MasalaBack to Blogging world after a long time break, thanks for folks who inquired about me,had a chance to spend 2 long months
in India, Had a blast, loved every bit of my stay. Getting used to life back here, of all the things in India I miss my parents the most ,Had a chance to spend quality time after a really long time. All in all a great trip. More on the trip and pic in up coming posts

Now coming to today's recipe,folks from Bangalore can easily identify with this snack. Sold as street fare this snack is enjoyed by one and all.
Thanks to the beautiful weather this year enjoyed a bounty of tomatoes, never had such delicious juicy sweet tomatoes.Must admit with me being away for two months I was very skeptical about survival of these plants, with no fertilizers or no extra effort I must say the trees grew well and we now are truly enjoying the fruit.

This makes for a delicious,simple,healthy and extremely quick snack.

2 large ripe tomatoes

For mixture
1 cup poha
1 cup sev/ mixture store brought
1/2 cup roasted peanuts
1 tbsp green chutney
1 tbsp sweet chutney
and corriander for garnish

1.mix poha, mixture, peanuts, salt, chutneys and lemon
2. cut tomato into thick wedges
3. Top the tomato with above mixture and garnish with corriander

Makes one yummy yet simple and quick snack. This will be my entry for Express cooking hosted by Malguri. Now her rule was something that takes less than 30 minutes from finish to start, this take a fraction of the time mentioned and you can whip up as many as wanted in no time.

Few pics from my garden

Since I have a real bounty I am looking for some recipes where I can put them to good use, in particular I love sun dried tomatoes if anyone has tips to making those would love to hear from you


sra said...

The pix are beautiful, Sreelu!

Cinnamon said...

The Tomato chat, looks just wonderful!! And u have a lovely garden!!!

Roopa said...

wow lucky Girl :)! Nice to see you back and the tomato chat looks absolutely delicious!

Lakshmi said... can I forget tomato made me think of today's snack....I am hungry too......

Nupur said...

What a gorgeous bounty of tomatoes, Sreelu! You can make enough tomato rice to feed your whole town :D
How about some tomato pickle in order to preserve this for the whole year? My favorite dish with sun-dried tomatoes - sun-dried tomato and walnut pesto (you will find lots of recipes online). It tastes so delicious with whole-wheat (or regular) pasta, or as a sandwich spread.

Aruna said...

Sreelu, the TCM looks very yummy to me!!! Good one..

Mallugirl said...

nice entry. why don't u also send this to the green blog project since the tomatoes were grown in ur garden/

Padma said...

Sreelu, those photos are stunning and I can imagine how those fresh tomato chat might have tasted. Guess you guys had a great time snacking on them!

Sreelu said...

@Sra, thanks for the comments
@cinnamon, thanks indeed garden looks the best this time of the year

@roopa, Thanks glad to be back and into a routine

Too bad wish you were here to share with me

I know my bounty can surely feed quite a few people. Will google to see how I can make sun dried tomatoes. I love sundried tomatoes pesto.


Hey thanks for the pointer will check for the event details and will send it over

Thanks ,yes we really enjoyed since the tomatoes were really sweet and juice

Sharmi said...

waw its raining tomatoes in your garden!! look at those beauties!! Amazing. I am now getting jealous of your garden:) nice looking chaat.

Sreelu said...

Yes it has been raining tomatoes in my backyard, but these beauties are only for few more weeks, I see its getting quite cold in the evening already

Latha said...

Looks so good Sreelu! We used to eat this all the time from a 'gaadi' at Sadashivnagar - right at the junction of bhashyam circle! He made a really spicy, mean tomato masala slice!
Thanks for jogging my memory!

TheCooker said...

Welcome back!
Beautiful pictures. The chaat looks wonderful, and so easy to make.
How about making and freezing tomato puree? I do this every year, especially towards the end of the tomato season when you've had your fill of tomatoes and can eat/ cook no more.

Sreelu said...


I used to love eating this in BDA complex in banashankari,oh sitting on the steps on a chilli evening enjoying these snacks was a great joy to me and my brothers

@ TC,
well puree is a good idea except last time I did I really did not make good use of it. Will give it a shot again

TBC said...

Beautiful pics & tomato chaat looks wonderful. You are lucky you have your own garden.

Suganya said...

Glad to have you back Sreelu! Who took care of yr garden when you were away?

Arts said...

Wow..glad to hear u had a rocking time back in India..
lovely chaat.. just had dinner else wud have tried it now :D
no probs, will make it tomoroow..
Lovely harvest u have :)
btw, just one question, is it poha or mamra (puffed rice)?

Sreelu said...

@tbc thanks ,yes having a place to grow something is a blessing these days.

had set up sprinklers to water regularly,except that nothing else.
however last year put in a lot of effort to make the soil healthy

Yes Poha is marmara, have it for a snack tomorrow

Meeta said...

Oh yummy! This is my kind of snack!

bee said...

dear sreelu, you were missed. those are superb-looking tomatoes. could you please share some of your healthy soil tips with your readers?

Prema Sundar said...

lovely bunch of tomatoes and a nice snack with it sreelu.

Sreelu said...

@ Meeta, Tomatoes were the best I have ever eaten silky with thin skin and absoutely sweet

Last year after the crop, cleared the whole tomato patch and just before the rainy season started , added organic mulch,a little lime stone since my soil is clay, a thick layer of organic mulch ,rototilled the whole patch, put a black bio degradable tarp like thing ,left it like that for few months and come spring soil really had excellent structure was very loose and managable. made holes in the tarp and planted tomato saplings and just regular watering with good sunshine did the trick.

I am glad I did not use Miracle grow this time, for me this seems like steriods for going organic
hope this helps

thanks !!

Cynthia said...

Sreelu dearest, it is good to have you back. I am happy to hear that you had a good trip and managed to spend some quality time with the family, especially your parents.

Your tomatoes are such a bounty of beauty. The stuffing, is that the puffed rice?

Sreelu said...


Glad to be back,Yes its puffed rice said...

Cool Idea! It looks amazing. I really like the presentation, would be a very nice appetizer at a party I think.


Sreelu said...

Its truly is a very simple and quick appetizer, do give it a try

Coffee said...

This is the best looks chaat I have ever seen. :) I was just going to suggest tomate pesto like what nupur has said

Shree said...

stuff to have on a rainy evening.. will have while going home today :) Can you also tel me how the tomato wines are so strong mine always break :(

Arts said...

forgot to mention..
tried thios yummy chaat.. loved it! :)

Mahek said...

i love the site of those fresh, succulent tomatoes and that too from your own garden a rare thing in mumbai where we stay in small houses where even a balcony is a rarity...

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