Saturday, September 1, 2007

Talimpu Roti ( Rice & Green Gram Uppittu )

Talimpu Roti ( Rice & Green Gram Uppittu )

This dish is usually made in my household when I am in a real rush or when I hate to cook, this makes a complete meal and hence always comes first when their is time crunch.

Ingredients to be pre made
1 cup of rice soaked in water for 20 min and then dried on towel
1/2 cup of green gram

1. When rice is completely dry, mix green gram and rice and grind in the mixture till it is ground course.
2. This mixture can be stored in an air tight container

Now for Talimpu roti
1 glass of above rice& green gram mixture
2 tbsp ginger finely cut
2 tbsp green chilies finely cut
10-15 curry leaves
1 tbsp urad dal
1 tbsp jeera
1 tbsp mustard seeds
2 glasses water
Salt according to taste

1. In a pan (which later can fit in a pressure cooker) add 1 tbsp of oil, add jeera, urad dal, mustard, G.chilies, ginger and curry leaves
2. Mix till a strong aroma and mustard seeds start to splutter
3. To the above add 2 glasses of water and salt
4. Allow the water to come to a complete boil
5. Add rice and green gram mixture to boil water, mix well
6. Now place this in a pressure cooker and allow for 3 whistles
7. Turn of the pressure cooker and allow cooling
8. Once cooled mix well and add a small tbsp of ghee, it will seem mushy when hot, but when allowed to cool the grains will separate

Enjoy with pickle, it tastes great with yogurt combination too
This will be my entry for JFI hosted by Sharmi of Neivedyam while the concept was originally conceived my Indira on Mahanandi


Padma said...

Looks lovely and healthy too, I like green gram and combining with rice will bring out the flavours in them. Chala bagundi!

Rajitha said...

yum! i have never had this, sounds and looks delicious...

Arts said...

Something new for me.. looks delicious! :)

Cynthia said...

I am going to try this. Sreelu, here in Barbados we do not get wide variety of dal lentils such as the one you menioned. Mostly yellow or green slpit peas and the small red lentils as well as channa, black-eye peas, and kidney beans... can you suggest a peas for me to try making this with?

Raaga said...

I have rice rava... will add moon rava to that and try this out soon. Looks delish and is so nutritious.

sra said...

This looks nice, first time I'm hearing of it

Nags said...

never tried uppittu.. shud some day.. very healthy recipe i shud say

ushaprashanth said...

THis is called udaicha noi upma in my house! add freshly grated coconut to this upma ... it will taste delicious! good entry for the event!

Sirisha Kilambi said...

Hi sreelu....this dish is new to me...looks really good and ofcourse its healthy too....will give a try :-)

TBC said...

I have never heard of Talimpu roti before. Lokks very healthy. Nice entry for the event.

sunita said...

I have absolutely no idea about this dish...looks lovely:)

Nupur said...

The first photo looks just sooo gorgeous, Sreelu! This dish is new to me, and sounds delicious.

Sreelu said...

@Padma ,Rajitha & Arts thanks !!try it I am sure you will love it

@Cynthia, you can substitute moong dal , never tried with peas might not be a bad idea I say

@Raaga & Sra, Thanks dear !!

Sreelu said...

@Nags, Uppitu is so common in our house, give it a shot

@Usha, Hmm fresh coconut would be great, will try it next time

@Sirsha, Thanks !!

@TBC & Sunitha Thanks guys !!

@Nupur thanks for your compliments

Roopa said...

lovely entry Sreelu, gonna try this loved it :)

Mishmash ! said...

Hey that pic of the rice and the green grams is so beautiful ! Loved it:)


Sharmi said...

sorry for the delay in my comments. I was working day and night for the JFI. very nice recipe.

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