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A trip to farmers market- Sun Dried Tomato Pasta, Bruschetta and Sour Dough Bread

A trip to farmers market- Sun Dried Tomato Pasta, Bruschetta and Sour Dough Bread

What can a trip to local farmers market inspire, well for me a tasty Bruschetta and whole wheat pasta with home made sun dried tomato pesto with all the fresh basil and other vegetables which are picked right off just hours before.

I am a huge supporter of local farmers market, I find it very therapeutic to walk in the market, browsing through the isles with hand written prices of the vegetable which might have been just hand picked few hours ago . Usually prices in the farmers market are pretty comparable to local stores some cases you might find them a little pricey but I don’t mind paying that extra dollar to the farmer who grew rather than the big institutions which make money out of the farmers.

I tend to go every week and there are only few more weeks before it closes for the year. My usual buys are fresh flowers, nectarines, squashes, zucchini, chilies and few bean varieties. These taste and smell extremely fresh and you can see the difference in quality.

This year as I have bragged earlier enjoyed a bounty of tomatoes in my back yard and the best part no fertilizers and no chemical were added to the soil so I do consider them partially organic.

Made sun dried tomatoes old fashioned way, cut tomatoes into slices and dried them in the sun for 2 days and Walla perfectly sundried tomatoes. Made sundried tomato pesto with fresh basil from farmers market. Also made bruschetta with bread brought from farmers market.

Sundried Tomato Pesto


2 cups sun dried tomatoes
1 cup basil chopped
½ cup olive oil
4 garlic
2 tbsp pepper
Salt according to taste
1 fresh tomato chopped

In a food processor chop sun dried tomatoes, then add basil, olive oil, garlic, salt and pepper. Grind either course or fine depending on your liking; I ground to a fine paste.
Prepare pasta according to instruction and when boiled drain the paste and add the above pesto and mix well.


1 loaf of bread cut into thin/think slices (I used sourdough bread and cut into think chunky slices)
To make the topping
4 cups tomato finely diced
1 cup basil
3 garlic very very finely chopped
¼ Olive oil

Dice tomato into fine pieces; add finely chopped basil, garlic, pepper, salt and olive oil. Mix well

Pre heat over to 350, brush the bread with garlic and butter (optional) and toast in the oven for 3 min till it gets crispy.Remove from the over and top with tomato topping and serve

Bruschetta and pasta are what I called comfort food,makes an excellent, easy and tasty dinner or brunch


sra said...

Sreelu, I must say it again - mee pictures chala baguntayi. Even I enjoy going to the market, tho' we don't have many farmers' markets here.

bindiya said...

DELISH!,wish i could have some right now:)

Jyothsna said...

I'd like to do alll what you wrote here. I'd love a bite of the pasta :)

Rajitha said...

sreelu...missed ur posts girl. tomatoes in our backyard with no pesticides are organinc and are much yummier than the organic ones too. the bruschetta looks only problem is i just do not stop eating them,even if my stomach pleads me too :)

Laavanya said...

This is so perfect. I love sun-dried tomato, pesto, and sourdough bread. Looks great Sreelu.

Happy cook said...

I love pasta with sundried tomato. Your is delicious.

Pooja V said...

I so want to visit a farmers market but dont seem to have one close by. homegrown veggies are such a delight to eat.

Padma said...

Count me in too, lover of farmer's market local produce. Love that sun dried tomato pesto and bruschetta and overall the arrangement too!

Rina said...

Sri, Pictures look very enticing. Though I not a fan of Pasta, I can try the bruschetta. Lovely again.

Namratha said...

Fabulous pics Sreelu!! Feel like taking a bite of the bruschetta:) Nothing like a visit to the local farmer's market, gets those dormant cooking ideas buzzing in the head. Love the pesto and pasta too:)

bee said...

sreelu, i make a dip - exactly like your recipe, but with some added oregano, lime zest, and a handful of almonds added while grinding. the almonds make it creamy. try it next time.

sunita said...

Lovely comforting food indeed!

TheCooker said...

A perfect post-farmers-market-outing meal!

mallurecipes said...

first time here !!
excellent blog

remya said...

Perfect n comfortable meal!!!! lovely pics.... i love pasta,u hav anice blog sreelu..

Siri said...

Even I love Farmer's market...:D and all the recipes are delish sreelu.. with fabulous pictures..:D

Kalva said...

Wow, awesome pics!mouthwatering recipe!

Meeta said...

Delicious and colorful. Love whole wheat pasta too! Sreelu this is our kind of meal LOL!

Rohini's kitchen said...

Wow looks so beautiful..Nice recipe.


pics r too good...n i love the presentation

Sharmi said...

that looks simply awesome sreelu! lovely Italian food and wine in there! you must have truly enjoyed!

TBC said...

Hey Sreelu, I posted something very similar!

Sreelu said...

@ Sra, Thanks for your comments, you are way to sweet.

@Bindiya, Thanks Dear

@Jyothsna, Take a virtual bite dear 11

@Rajitha, Was is it a feed problem ? let me know. Go organic any time

@Thanks Laavanya

Sreelu said...

@Pooja, home grown veggies are a true delight for sure

@Thanks Padma

@Esther, try wheat pasta less glueton and more healthy

@Namratha Thanks a ton dear, its true I picked quite a few recipe papers from the farmers market,just need to find time to make them

Sreelu said...

@Bee, lemon zest hmm I am sure will be a quite good addition, will try it next time

@Sunitha , Thanks !!

@TC, true organic,pesticide free comfort food

@MR, thanks for stopping by, hope to see you often

Sreelu said...

@Remya, thanks !!

@Siri, thanks for your compliments !!

@Kalva, welcome to my blog and thanks !!

@ Meeta, girl I hope you are having a good time with your parents!!

Sreelu said...

@Rohini, Thanks !!

@Shanti Thank you !!

@Sharmi All I can say is it was one cozy evening

@TBC, just checked your blog, true we have very similar version

Nirmala said...

Gorgeous pictures. Looks so good.

A kitchen scientist & a white rat hubby!!! said...

too greast the snaps!!!..just lovely dishes!!!

Shivapriya said...

Hey Sreelu,
Thanks for dropping by my blog, So you live in bay area , We use to live in bay area.. and also I see few recipes from vizag. So do u come from vizag??
I have visited ur blog before but never really went thru all the yummy recipes u posted.
Thanks again..

Shivapriya said...

Hi Sreelu
Memu kuda SJ lo ne undevallam. Nadi kuda vizag. Its nice to see someone from vizag:).

Shivapriya said...

inthaki meeru vizag lo ekkada untaru and which school did u study

Sirisha Kilambi said...

Great pics Sreelu....How come I missed this post...?
Sorry for my ignorance dear......Bruschetta is awesome.....:-)))

Padmaja said...

All my favourites Sreelu, This is my kind of food which i enjoy on a lazy weekend!! Amazing pitcures n superb dishes!!

Mansi Desai said...

Bruschetta is my abs italian favourite! and I love the one from Cheesecake factory...oh..I think i'll need to go there thi weekend!! you made me hungry girl!!

btw, I hope you get some time to send in something for AFAm-Peach event!! read the details onmy blog, and look forward to your dish!

Asha said...

Beautiful.Whole wheat pasta looks so heathy and delicious. Can't beat the fresh veggies either!:))

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