Monday, December 15, 2008

Curried Tofu Bhaji

Curried Tofu Bhaji
Life seems to going in full throttle for me seems like 24 hours a day just don't seem to cut it.Days,weeks and months seems to pass by so fast ,cannot believe its almost end of the year, memory of last year's new year bash still is so fresh. Glad the year is over and looking forward to yet another great year ahead. Well there are still few weeks left for new years resolution but few things that I would stick too would be to be a healthy and a very cautious eater, not only what I eat but giving enough importance to the source of the food, supporting local farmers and to eat organic.

I am super smell conscious person, I think abnormally conscious actually, I like or dislike people by the way they smell strange but true.There is nothing that turns me off like bad smell be it food or people :). Tofu initially fell in the I hate that smelly thing until few of my friends showed me how to camouflage the smell, once I have learnt how to cook and get rid of the smell its been a favorite at home and is cooked frequently.

1 firm tofu cube
1 red onion chopped
1 ripe tomato
1 green chili ( adjust according to taste)
1 tbsp Ginger garlic paste
1-2 tbsp roasted Jeera powder (Cumin powder)
1-2 tbsp Curry powder or any garam masala
Salt according to taste
1-2 tbsp Oil to saute
1/2 tbsp Haldi (Turmeric)
and corriander leaves to garnish.
1.Heat a wok and add oil, when oil gets warm add green chiles, ginger garlic paste,Cumin powder, garam masala powder and turmeric fry till you get a spicy aroma.
2. to the above add finely chopped onion and saute till they turn brown.
3. Add tomatoes finely chopped
4. Add cubed tofu pieces and salt
5. Cook covered for 5 minutes stirring in between.
6. garnish with corriander leaves , lemon juice can be added for additional taste.
Serve hot with rice or roti's ,takes less then 5-10 minutes to make and is packed with protein and best of all it does not smell like tofu.
Hope you give it a try.

Happy Holidays every one !!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Dal Makhani -My Legume Love Affair - Fourth Helping

Dal Makhani -My Legume Love Affair - Fourth Helping

When Sra announced that she was hosting My Legume Love Affair - Fourth Helping event, I knew I could participate without have to put an extra effort of a new ingredient or a process or a cuisine, little did I know that it would take more effort in posting then cooking, So missed the chance to send it to event never the less since I had this post in draft posting it.
Dal Makhani is Punjabi delicacy rich in protein and fiber.Major source of protein for vegetarian comes from legumes, I am huge fan of legumes/lentils and use it quite a bit in my cooking and thanks to the variety of recipes I never seem to get tired of legumes.
Learnt today's recipe from my Punjabi nanny, who was an amazing cook. Pretty simple yet very delicious and healthy recipe requires no soaking or prep time, gets cooked in less than 15 minutes.

1 Cup Lentils
1 big tomato
1 big onion chopped into slices
4 tbsp Ginger peeled and chopped
2 garlic cloves
Corriander for garnish
2 tbsp Garam masala
2 big tbsp Kasoori Methi leaves
1 tbs haldi
salt according to taste
1 tb chili powder (adjust according to taste)
Juice of 1/2 lemon (optional)
Butter or cream (optional)
1.Add lentils, tomato,ginger,garlic,salt and haldi directly into a pressure cooked, add water till covered and pressure cook atleast till you get 8 whistles ( a little longer then usual).
2. In a separate pan add 2 tbsp oil, add kasoori methi, ginger garlic paste,haldi , garam masala saute for few minutes.
3. Add sliced onion and saute till onions turn translucent.
4. Add cooked lentils to the above and mix well , add salt and chili powder according to taste and allow to cook for few more minutes.
5. Add lemon juice and corriander and remove from heat, additionally you can add cream or butter to enhance the flavor.
Serve hot with roti or plain rice or basmathi rice. This dish makes a complete meal by itself and warms your body during this cold season.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Diwali Greetings

Happy Diwali

Wishing all my readers,friends and my family a very happy and a prosperous Diwali, Hope the coming year brings in lots of happiness and peace. Growing up Diwali was my favorite festival, no other festival brings the kid in you more than Diwali, here is to celebrating the inner child in all of us.

Lot of Love,


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Gongura Pachadi/ Sorrel Leaves Chutney

Gongura Pachadi
Gongura Pachadi or Sorrel leaves chutney is a traditional Andhra pickle, no marriage in Andhra happens without serving this pickle, its our favorite at home here and thanks to warm weather we in bay area are very lucky to enjoy this delicacies week after week.

1 bunch of Gongura/Sorrel Leaves
5-6 Garlic pods
1 red onion chopped into cubes
5-6 Green chillies
1 tbp Haldi/Turmeric
Salt according to taste
To Make in powder
3 tbsp Channa dal
3 tbsp Urad dal
8 red Chilies
1 tbsp Dhania
1 tbsp Methi


1. fry all the dry ingredients until they release a aroma for few minutes
2. Grind all the ingredients and set aside .
3. In a pan add 2 tbsp oil and fry cut and cleaned Sorrel leaves along with red chilies, turmeric.
4. Grind the above paste along with tamarind and garlic into a paste.
5. Add the prepared masala and salt to the above paste and mix well.
6. Add red onions cubed to the above paste this is however optional but sure does add a flavor once the onions are soaked in the sorrel paste.
7. Serve hot with rice or roti's.

Also wanted to thank everyone who have left me comments and email asking how I was doing. I am doing fine its been crazy at work and home. Hope to keep blogging more frequently.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Dahi Bhindi

Dahi Bhindi
Hope everyone is having a great summer, its almost to an end and I have mixed feelings about it.Laid back days and long evening will end and pretty soon it would be home works and running around chauffeuring kids to classes.
I do have a post still in works with all the awards fellow bloggers have passed on, I feel honored and thank all of you for the awards, promise to post it soon.

Sanjeev Kapoor has always been a source of inspiration for me, a while ago I happened to win a prize for a years worth of subscription for Sanjeev Kapoor's website, few weeks back while browsing through his website found a great recipe for Bhinidi and boy oh boy it is a keeper.

Tender Bhindi's 1 pound
Green chilies 3-4
Ginger 1 inch
Peppercorns 1 tbsp (adjust according to taste)
Yogurt 1 1/2 cups
R.Chilies whole 2
Gram flour (Besan) 1 tbsp
Oil 1 1/2 tbsp
Cumin seeds 1 tbsp
Corriander powder 1 tbsp
turmeric powder 1/2 tspn
Salt according to taste

1. Clean Bhindi(lady Fingers/Okra) and cut into 1 inch pieces
2. Grind Ginger and peppercorns into a fine paste
3.Whisk yogurt
4. Fry besan on low heat for a minute and allow to cool.
5. Heat 1tbsp oil in a pan, add whole red chillies,cumin seeds and fry for a minute
6.Add Okra and salt and cook over medium heat stirring frequently for about 4-5 minutes
7.Stir in ginger garlic paste,reduce heat and add yogurt mix well and cook covered for eight to ten minutes stirring occasionally till Okra is completely cooked.
Serve hot with roti's or rice.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Fruit Kebabs

Fruit Kebabs

Hope everyone is having a fun summer, Summer for me so far has been very hectic but fun filled. With Parents visiting, last month flew away in a jiffy. With hot weather markets are filled with fruits and my yard is all geared up for bounty. Though California is supposed to be warm to be frank Jun- Aug are the only months that it truly seems like summer rest of the months it starts to get very cold by sunset which restricts our outdoor activities.

So fun while the sun shines has been our motto and we have been hitting beaches,parks and have been having quite few outings.

My kids are very picky eaters to get them to eat anything including fruit is a task in itself, sometimes making food fun and exciting either with shapes or colors makes them atleast to attempt to eat and one such attempt was today's recipe fruit kakabs.

Recipe is so versatile and easy that it can be done to one taste and availability of fruit. Today used White Peaches, ripe Mango's and Strawberries.

1 cup White Peaches cubed
1 cup Mangoes
1 cup Strawberries sliced horizontally
Fancy toothpicks
half Orange just to act as a stand (remove pulp)

1. Add Peaches,strawberries and Mangoes to the toothpick and prick the toothpick to Orange shell
2. Repeat till the whole Orange shell is covered.
If required honey dressing can be added but at peak summer fruits were very sweet without any additional sweeteners.
Sending this entry to sweet Sia who is hosting WBB–Summer Feast

Have a fun Summer everyone !!!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Vroooooooom Grilled Cars Anyone ?

You know you are mom of boys when everything you cook somehow seem to turn into a ball, a car , a monster or some kind of bat. So much so sometimes food can turn into clones or droids or Pokeman character. Love love love being with my kids they are a world to me. Those PJ's and arm farts yes dear readers arm farts crack me up. All I wish is for time to stand still .

Making these cheesy sandwiches is super easy
2 slices whole wheat bread
cheese slices
Salsa ( I used pineapple salsa from Trader Joes)
and sweet basil

Cut bread slice and cheese with the same cookie cutter and lay cheese on top of bread

Spoon and Slather bread with salsa and top with basil

Grill with broil option for 3-5 minutes depending on your oven. Wallah grilled cars ready to

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Sundried Tomato Hummus & Baked Pita Chips

Sundried Tomato Hummus & Baked Pita Chips
Healthy snacking is always a challenge especially at the work when the 3 o clock hunger pangs hits you, vending machines with sugary stuff or deep fried chips do not help as well. Its really a tough job snack healthy, one of my favorite store for healthy snacks is Traders Joes. I am always impressed by variety and various options of healthy snacks available not to mention each belonging to a different cuisine. Few of my favorites are honey mustard baked pretzels tangy and sweet at the same time another favorite is baked pita chips usually in different flavors like cheese and pepper .Inspired by baked chips decided to try my own gourmet version by making them from scratch also wanted to add some flavor to regular Hummus and kick it up a notch.
Todays recipe is semi home made with store brought Hummus and adding some flavors.

Pita Chips
Ingredients For Pita Chips
1 pack of Pita bread
1 cup of shredded Parmesan cheese
2 tbsp dried Oregano
1 tbsp Paprika
Sun Dried Tomato Hummus
Ingredients for Sun Dried Tomato Hummus
1 cup brought Hummus
1/2 cup sun dried tomatoes
1/3 cup olive oil/ oil from the sun dried tomatoes jar
1. Divide the pita chips length wise, in the sense split into two layer by separating into pita
2. Mix Cheese, Oregano and Paprika separately in a bowl
3. Spread the above mixture on the pita and spread evenly.
4. Pre heat oven to 400 o Degrees
5. Place the pita on oven rack and allow to bake for 10 minutes, Please adjust according to oven and also Pita size. Intent is to crisp the pita.
6. Remove from oven and allow to cool till warm
7. Break them into pieces and serve with Hummus

Process for Sun dried Tomato pesto
1. Mix all the ingredients in a food processor and grind while adding olive oil / oil from sun dried tomatoes till into turns into a fine consistency.
Serve Pita with Sun Dried Tomato Hummus , this sure is a healthy snack and does satisfy all your senses.
This entry goes all the way for A.W.E.D Middle Eastern Cuisine at Siri’s Corner.
Few of my other stints with Sun dried Tomotoes from the past here .

Sundried Tomato Hummus & Baked Pita Chips on Foodista

Monday, May 26, 2008

Blueberry Lassi/Smoothie

Blueberry Lassi/Smoothie
Happy Memorial day to my readers in US, its amazing what an extra day staying at home does. Memorial day kicks of Grilling season here, but this year it has been unusually cold and chili in the bay area for a Memorial day. Can't wait for Summer to begin officially.
This Summer I have decided that I would try to experiment with new vegetables and fruits that I have never tried before, thanks to my local farmers there are abundant new varieties that I have never laid my hands on.

Inspired by Indira's Raspberry Lassi ,this weekend made a slight variation and used Blue berries instead. Blue berries are an excellent source of anti oxidants and dietary Iron. I Love blue berries and I tried growing them in my yard but still haven't had any luck.

1 Cup Blue Berries ( frozen can be used if fresh not available)
1 cup low fat yogurt
1/2 tbsp honey/ sugar ( adjust according to sweetness of Blue berries)
1/2 cup crushed ice
Mint for garnish
1. Mix all the ingredients above in a blender or smoothie maker and grind till required smoothie consistency.
2. Garnish with mint leaf and serve cold.
So what are your favorite picks in farmers market ?
Click here for my other Lassi flavors

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Pickled Radish ( Uravesina Mullangi)

Pickled Radish ( Uravesina Mullangi)
Summer brings back memories of lazy days with cousins, those carefree days with nothing else to except play,eat and sleep. I remember we used to play non-stop in scorching heat of Andhra. At the end of the holidays parents had a tough time getting all of us back into our regular routine.
Summers also mean Mangoes and Munjulu. Store room was lined with hay and Mangoes were allowed to ripen. Every day we would go check out the ripen Mangoes which would then disappear in a jiffy.
One more vegetable we enjoyed during summer is Radish, which is pickled. Easy breeze recipe all you need to is to slice the Radish and wallah dish is ready.

2 Radish's peeled and sliced finely
Juice of 2 Lemons
Salt according to taste
Fresh Pepper
1 Green/Red chili sliced very thinly.
Mix all the ingredients and allow to marinate for about 10 minutes. This acts as an excellent side to roti's or can be eaten with ghee,dal and rice.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Mushroom Mutter Sabji (Mushroom Peas Curry)

Mushroom Mutter Sabji
Continuing with my farmers market saga was inspired by the fresh tender peas and mushroom available, peas were so tender you could munch them up as you try to peel.Not everyone at home are a fan of mushroom but I sure love them. I have tried making Mushroom Manchurian ,Mushroom soup etc. This is a very easy recipe and goes well with Roti's and fried rice .

1 pound fresh mushroom
1/2 pound fresh peas (substitute frozen peas or dry peas soaked overnight)
2 Juicy ripe tomatoes chopped into cubes
1 onion thinly sliced
1 tbsp ginger garlic paste
2 tbsp garam masala
1/2 tbsp amchoor (dried mango)
salt according to taste
2 tbsp oil

1. Heat 2 tbsp oil in a pan , when hot add ginger garlic paste and Onion, saute till onions turn brown
2. Add tomatoes and fry till it turn into a paste
3. add mushrooms cut into cubes and peas
4. add salt,garam masala and amchoor.
5.Mix well and allow to cook covered for 3-4 minutes till mushrooms turn tender.
garnish with coriander and serve hot with roti's or rice.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Need Suggestion -Click Au Naturel

Life for me in on a high gear, sorry could not blog for a while. However got a chance to click few pictures after my trip to local farmers market.
I would love your guys opinion on which picture to send for Click hosted by Bee & Jai.
This is a picture of Orange blossom from my yard, with the advent of spring Orange tree is full of blossoms and the scent of these flowers is out of the world wish I could pass the scent on to the blog as well.
Picture 2
Vine ripe tomatoes from local farmers market, no recipes need to cook this beauty just slice and eat with sea salt.
Let me know which one fares better deadline for submission is 30th.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Sarvadhari Nama Ugadi Subakanshalu

Sarvadhari Nama Ugadi Subakanshalu

Wishing all my friends, Fellow bloggers, readers and my family a very happy Ugadi. Andari ki Sarvadhari Nama Ugadi Subhakanshalu.


Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Quick 'N' Easy Cheesy Potato Wedges

Quick 'N' Easy Cheesy Potato Wedges
Had few three year olds and their mom's for a play date couple of days ago. Kids at 3 years are so cute, their imagination, innocence, mischief just plain how naive they are everything is a beauty. I wish I could lock in this time for ever. The way their eyes light up for simple things or a funny stories, their hugs and kisses I wish I wish these days last forever.
Wanted to make something simple for the kids and well as moms, so made pizza's and Cheesy Potato wedges along with Lemonade. Potato wedges were such a hit with both kids and moms and were gobbled up in a jiffy.
Potato wedges are the easiest appetizer to make and can be done ahead to save time.

Cheesy Potato for Kids

2 big Yukon gold Potato

fresh grated Carrot

Choice of cheese I used Cheddar and Parmesan

Pinch of fresh Pepper


1. Microwave Potatoes for 3 minutes, turn potatoes and microwave again for 2 minutes until Potatoes are tender.

2. Once cooled peel the skin and cut the potatoes into 1/2 inch wedges.

3. Top wedges with cheese, carrot, a small pinch of pepper and salt.

4. Broil on high for 5 minutes.

Serve with Ketchup, this tastes very similar to mashed Potatoes.

Now Spicy Potato Wedges for Adults.


2 Yukon Potatoes

1 red onion finely chopped

a pinch of amchur,chaat masala, pepper and Red chili flakes

grated carrot

corriander for garnish

salt according to taste


1. Microwave Potatoes for 3 minutes, turn potatoes and microwave again for 2 minutes until Potatoes are tender.

2. Once cooled peel the skin and cut the potatoes into 1/2 inch wedges.

3. Top wedges with cheese, carrot, a small pinch of pepper,salt

4. Broil on high for 5 minutes.

Serve hot with Maggi Masala Ketchup. Here is to all the wonder year !!!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Fruit Mocktail/Lemonade

Fruit Mocktail/Lemonade

Its hard to make my kids eat or drink once if they say no, its amazing how they taste and palette changes everyday, one day its their best favorite food in the whole world and the next day they refuse to even look at it. one day we buy Pears and the next day they refuse to eat and such is the case that made me invent this recipe. Lemonade is always a favorite so I mixed in remaining fruits like green Apple, Pear and Banana and wallah a fruit lemonade/mocktail was invented.I found this to be a great way to mask the fruit.

1/2 can of frozen lemonade concentrate
fruits of your choice I used ( Green apple and Golden Pears)
1 cup of Ice cubes
and Banana's for Garnish.

1. Cut Pears and Apples into cubes
2. Puree Pears, Apples,ice cubes and Lemonade concentrate in a blender
3. to the above add a 2 cups of water and strain through a fine sieve
4. Add chopped Banana's as topping and serve

Kids love it and I got my way to giving them fruit. This entry goes to dear Raaga for AFAM this months theme being Pears.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Sprouted Moong Dal Chaat/Sabji/wrap

Sprouted Moong Dal Wrap/Chaat/Sabji

I was prompted to make this dish with the abundant availability of sprouted beans in desi/Chinese stores. Sprouted beans as we know is always considered very very healthy especially for vegetarians whose source of protein is legumes and beans.
This dish can double as a sabji,chaat/snack or wrap it in a roti/Tortialla.Its extremely simple with few ingredients and very quick to make.

2 cups sprouted moong dal

1 tbsp oil/ few sprays of Pam

a pinch of red chili flakes

1 tsp amchoor powder

1 tsp Chaat masala

Juice of half a lemon

a small pinch black salt


1. Heat a tbsp of oil in a pan, when hot add red chili flakes and sprouted Moong.

2. Add about 1/2 a cup of water and cook covered for about 2-3 minutes or until Moong turn tender

3. Once its cooked to tender, add amchoor, chaat masala,black salt and toss well.

4. Sprinkle with lemon juice and remove from heat.

Eat this hot as a chaat snack or make a wrap in a flavored tortilla like tomato/jalapeno add some salad dressing and roll into a wrap, or eat as Sabji with roti's.

With spring fever around ,this would be an excellent brunch before you hit the trails. This is my entry for Mansi dears WBB- Balanced Break event.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Chinese String Beans

Chinese String Beans
As a vegetarian I find myself having very limited choices when it comes to Chinese
Non-tofu dishes that are available in the restaurants, I love Chinese food but my choices are pretty standard when ever it comes to ordering either is Garlic Eggplant or Chinese String beans, both of which I love, sweet and spicy at the same time with a side of sticky Jasmine rice.
Today’s recipe comes very close to the restaurant version in terms of taste, I am also a huge Trader’s Joe fan, something about the store make it very earthy and the various options of food choices make it even more exciting. I especially love their chocolate truffles and Gelato hmmm to die for. I recently brought few sauces for my Chinese cooking and I must say I was impressed, brought Peanut sauce and Teriyaki sauce both organic with no meat products.


1 bunch of Chinese String Bean (boiled to tender)

1 ½ table spoon of Red chili flakes

2 tbsp garlic thinly sliced

2 tbsp ginger finely sliced vertical

3 tbsp peanut sauce

3 tbsp Teriyaki sauce

2 tbsp sesame oil/ginger oil/regular oil

Salt (according to taste, teriyaki sauce has a good amount of salt)


1. Heat sesame oil /ginger oil/regular oil in a wok or pan

2. add garlic, ginger and red chili flakes and salt

3. fry till garlic is slightly toasted

4. add peanut and teriyaki sauce and mix well

5. to the above add boiled string bean and toss to coat the bean with sauce well

6. Fry for 2-3 minutes and remove from heat

7. garnish with green onions

Serve hot with sticky rice . This makes one complete dish with or without rice.The best part of using these ready made sauce is it gets the flavors right without overpowering any one ingredient.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Nutty Rice Pudding -Arusuvai Friendship Chain

Nutty Rice Pudding -Arusuvai Friendship Chain

Excited was I when I got a box from Deepa as a part of Arusuvai Friendship chain initiated by Lakshmi ,Bhags and Bharathy. From the time Deepa sent an email about posting I looked forward to my snail mail everyday and there it was a box along with a beautiful card with Deepa’s note and a mix of wonderful nuts, chocolate and caramel morsels.
Added to this Deepa did shower me with the following award. A little about the award
"“Nice Matters Award is for those blogger who are nice people; good blog friends and those who inspire good feelings and inspiration. Also for those who are a positive influence on our blogging world.” "

Its only fair that I pass on this on to the nicest people I met personally from the blogosphere, my friends from the bay area and also to my dearest friend Rina,TC, Ash, Revathi, Mythreye, TasteTinkerer and AK.
I still need to come up with a recipe to use the morsels but I did put all the nuts to work with Nutty Rice Pudding. Rice pudding tasted extra special may be because of love it came with.


1 cup rice boiled
1 pint whole milk
2 cups of mixed nuts chopped ( I soaked the nut in hot water for 2 hrs and peeled the almond skin and chopped into small chunks)
2-3 elaichi finely powered
½ cup sugar
1 tbsp ghee
½ can condense milk


Boil rice in pressure cooker
Heat a tbsp of ghee in a pan add nuts and fry for a minute, then add boiled rice
Add milk, elachi and sugar to the above.
Allow it to boil on slow for about 10-15 minutes, mixing continually
Add condensed milk and mix once again

I know this is loaded with calories but once in a while its good to indulge in pure bliss. Keeping the chain alive I would like to pass this on to Mishmash ,Shankari, Ramya and Mansi.
Thanks again Deepa for the wonderful gift.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Lemon Daal (Nimmakayi Kattu)

Lemon Dal (NimmaKaya Kattu)
There are some foods which give you instant gratification when eaten, food that satisfies our soul and makes you full and remind you of home Nimmakaya Kattu is one of them for me. This is prepared usually during the night because its very light and helps with digestion. Eaten usually with hot rice and ghee makes you one step closer to heaven. This can be eaten with roti's too make a light tasty daal.Best part of this Dal/(Kattu as called in Telugu ) is takes less then the time to cook rice.Perfect for weekdays dinners.
Today's Lemon Daal is made freshly from Lemons from my backyard,noting like the scent of fresh lemon, the essential oil from the lemon leaves has such a clean and fresh feeling to it. Citrus to me always comes synonymous to clean. Today's recipe is my contribution to JFI -Lemon, hosted by dear Coffee of The Spice Cafe.
Ingredients (makes to feed about 6 )
1/2 cup of Moong Dal
juice of 3 lemon
1 tbsp ginger garlic paste
Salt according to taste
For Seasoning/Tadhka
1/2 tbsp Mustard seeds
1/2 tbsp Jeera
1/2 tbsp Urad Dal
a pinch of hing
8-10 kadi Patta (Curry leaves)
1 tbsp ghee (optionally oil)
1. Pressure cook moong dal until soft, once cold mash into a fine paste add salt and make into a dal like consistency
2. squeeze juice of 3 Lemons, add salt and Haldi and leave aside.
3.Heat a pan add mashed Moong allow it boil for 3 minutes, to the boiled moong add the above lemon juice and allow to boil for 2-3 minutes.
4. Heat a tbsp of ghee, add all the ingredients for tadhka and when mustard seeds start to splutter add to boiled moong dal. Mix well and allow to cook for another 2-3 minutes.
Serve hot with rice or roti's.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to me errrrr my blog
Pic courtsey

Its exactly been a year since I have started to blog, just seems like yesterday. This year has been a great learning experience. I am so glad to meet all the wonderful people through my blog both personally and virtually. I would like to thank my readers, co-bloggers, family and friends whose encouragement keeps me going. I have learnt a great deal from all of you. Coming year I hope to get to work on blog layout and improve upon on content.
Also this happens to be my 100th post , Yahooooooooo what a way to celebrate my first anniversary. This is to all of you whose comments, suggestions, emails and phone calls make it truly worth blogging.
Love ya,

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