Thursday, February 7, 2008

A Healthy Brunch - Chard Dal

A Healthy Brunch - Chard Dal

Blogging got me into trying new vegetables,foods and cusines.One such vegetable is Chard.Always saw this beautiful looking greens but never dared to make anything.But with the abundance of greens in the local farmers market and also with the un-availability of other vegetables I was kind of sort of had no choice. But once I got the green cooking it remined me of Gongura, had a similar looks and texture how ever tasted quite different. Made Chard dal and beans sabji for brunch.
Simple beans sabji, fresh grated sweet carrot and vegetable salad made with red peppers,onion,carrot, cucmber, cilantro and lime.
Excellent combination with roti's.

Beans Sabji

1 cup beans cubed and boiled in a microwave for 5 min.

take a pan add urad dal,mustard, jeera,R.chiles .

when mustard starts to splutter add beans and one tomato cut into small cubes

add salt and fry for 5 minutes.

You can add lemon if you like.

Fresh Vegetables Salad
This salad cannot be any simpler, a color ful mix of cubed red pepper, cucumber, tomatoes, r.onions, Cilantro, Lemon and a sprinkle of salt. Toss up and enjoy.

Chard Dal
1 bunch Chard finely cut
1 tbsp giner garlic paste
a small cup of Tamrind water
1 tomato chopped
1 tbsp of rice flour
For thadka
1 tbsp jeera
1 tbsp urad dal
1 tbsp mustard
8-10 Kadi patta
a pinch of hing
2-3 Red Chilies
Take a pan add 1 tbsp of oil, add the all ingredients for thadka, when mustard starts to splutter
add chard, tomato and tamrind water.
2. Cook covered for 5 minutes add salt.
3. to the above add tbsp of rice flour mixed with water.
4. cook till the rawness of rice flour is gone.
Enjoy with rice or roti's

Fresh grated carrot Natures food at its best.

I have had by 7 colors today, did you ?

Sending this to Suganya of Tasty Palletes for her WBB theme Healthy eats. More info click on the logo


Madhu said...

Looks so fresh,colourful and healthy indeed ,I like the bowls they are so cool for side dishes.

DK said...

This post is full of colors,flavours and Health. Wonderful one Sreelu :)

sra said...

Yes, it does look like gongura, you have me salivating again, Sreelu!

Pooja said...

Wow wow wow !!! colorful healthy dishes....thats a nice breakfast sreelu . thanks a lot for sharing. picture looks as fresh as a sunny morning.

Asha said...

I love Swiss chard in dishes, so colorful and tasty too!Great array of colorful food Sreelu!:)

Laavanya said...

Now that's a brunch designed to make you feel great all day.. so fresh, vibrant and healthy!

Sukanya Ramkumar said...

Hi Sreelu...I am back after long break....Loved all ur recipes during my break....That cake baked in the egg shell is great idea....This is brunch is so colourful....

Cynthia said...

I love those bowls and each dish contrasts nicely for the photographs.

Suganya said...

Sreelu, I am glad to receive your colourful entry. Who wouldn't want to have a breakfast like this. Thank you for your participation.

Sagari said...

colorfullll and healthy food sreelu nice post

Ramya's Mane Adige said...

Love the pictures!!! Sounds so healthy

DEEPA said...

awesome pics!!!and very healthy plate

Rina said...

Hi Sri.. again the comment I left on this post is not published!!!!

Anyway, I love the crated carrot pic too.

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