Thursday, May 8, 2008

Pickled Radish ( Uravesina Mullangi)

Pickled Radish ( Uravesina Mullangi)
Summer brings back memories of lazy days with cousins, those carefree days with nothing else to except play,eat and sleep. I remember we used to play non-stop in scorching heat of Andhra. At the end of the holidays parents had a tough time getting all of us back into our regular routine.
Summers also mean Mangoes and Munjulu. Store room was lined with hay and Mangoes were allowed to ripen. Every day we would go check out the ripen Mangoes which would then disappear in a jiffy.
One more vegetable we enjoyed during summer is Radish, which is pickled. Easy breeze recipe all you need to is to slice the Radish and wallah dish is ready.

2 Radish's peeled and sliced finely
Juice of 2 Lemons
Salt according to taste
Fresh Pepper
1 Green/Red chili sliced very thinly.
Mix all the ingredients and allow to marinate for about 10 minutes. This acts as an excellent side to roti's or can be eaten with ghee,dal and rice.


Sia said...

i grew up as radish hater and its only until recently that i have started to appreciate it in real sense:) beautiful pic of radish slices sree.

Asha said...

Beautiful looking pickle, look yum. I like Radishes!:)

Sukanya Ramkumar said...

Hi sreelu, that a simple recipe... The pictures looks amazing... Really have to try this out....

vb said...

Mmmmmm. I will look for radishes at the farmer's market this weekend. It's still chilly in Seattle, not quite summer. But this sounds good to eat any time.

Cynthia said...

That second photograph is particular is rather enticing. Makes we want to have a bowl of the pickle all by myself :)

TheCooker said...

Miss those days of sneaking into the store room to see if any mangoes have magically ripened in the past hour.

Sreelu said...

@Sia, mee too I used to hate eating this growing up,now i like them

@Asha, thanks !!

@Sukanya, please do try and let me know.

@vb, Temprature has been quite funky in bay area too. I have heard a lot about farmers market in Seattle

@Cynthia, wish I could send you a bowl :)

@TC, true moment we see a ripe mango it would be gone.

Sailaja said...

I never used to like the smell of radish. But the way u captured makes me try once.

Nupur said...

So simple and so divine! I am craving a bite of this right now :)

TBC said...

I've never had pickled radish before. It looks pretty good in the second pic.

Sailaja said...

Hi Sreelu
I tagged you for top ten picture mem theme. If you are intrested you can post it

ranji said...

delicous pickle sreelu....and very nice blog..:)

Rina said...

Hi Sri..

I am a radish lover...This is one vegetable ever ready in my fridge..

I usually add it to Dhal or while making sambar. But mostly I cherish it when i make Mulangi tamata kura(my nanaamma version). Never adventured with raw one though or your version..cause it has a pungent taste and smell when raw.

May be I'll try u'r method and see how it tastes..

Hope all is fine with family here and back home.


Hetal said...

lovely recipe.....I have raddish at home,will try for sure.Nice blog...would love to see u on mine..

Rajitha said... the fresh and simple dish..

Shankari said...

Very refreshing salad indeed.

Sagari said...

beautiful radish

Sangeeth said...

delicious pickle....till now i dint know that pickle in raddish will be good...:)will try soon

Dee said...

Uravesini mullangi is a real treat for me sreelu , fab pictures and brought some childhood memories back!

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