Thursday, July 17, 2008

Fruit Kebabs

Fruit Kebabs

Hope everyone is having a fun summer, Summer for me so far has been very hectic but fun filled. With Parents visiting, last month flew away in a jiffy. With hot weather markets are filled with fruits and my yard is all geared up for bounty. Though California is supposed to be warm to be frank Jun- Aug are the only months that it truly seems like summer rest of the months it starts to get very cold by sunset which restricts our outdoor activities.

So fun while the sun shines has been our motto and we have been hitting beaches,parks and have been having quite few outings.

My kids are very picky eaters to get them to eat anything including fruit is a task in itself, sometimes making food fun and exciting either with shapes or colors makes them atleast to attempt to eat and one such attempt was today's recipe fruit kakabs.

Recipe is so versatile and easy that it can be done to one taste and availability of fruit. Today used White Peaches, ripe Mango's and Strawberries.

1 cup White Peaches cubed
1 cup Mangoes
1 cup Strawberries sliced horizontally
Fancy toothpicks
half Orange just to act as a stand (remove pulp)

1. Add Peaches,strawberries and Mangoes to the toothpick and prick the toothpick to Orange shell
2. Repeat till the whole Orange shell is covered.
If required honey dressing can be added but at peak summer fruits were very sweet without any additional sweeteners.
Sending this entry to sweet Sia who is hosting WBB–Summer Feast

Have a fun Summer everyone !!!


sra said...

Hi Sreelu, good to see you back blogging! I wish someone made this for me, even adults could use stuff like this rather than just bite into a fruit! :)

A_and_N said...

Yummilicious! :) I love fruits!


fruit kebabs look soo lovely .. n its healthy too :)

Nags said...

thats a lovely entry.

i see that you already have a template with fixed columns. its great to work on :) good luck with it!

Rina said...

Lovely Pic Sri...Colorful fruit kabab display.

Yea with kids moms have to adventure new things atlest w/ food. No doubt we adults will enjoy this too.

A fun filled Summer to u 2.

mitr_bayarea said...


fruit kebabs are refershing for the hot summer. Good one.

Ani said...

Looks inviting even for adults. Nice pic Sridevi.

Rajitha said...

sreelu..glad to see ur post after such a long time :)...i am sure you had tons of fun with ur parents!! those fruit kababs look lucious...yum!

Cynthia said...

It has been such a long time! Hope you and the family are well.

Priyanka said...

fruits- a great healthy choice for the event. loved your sundried tomatoes and baked pita chips- its an alltime favorite at my home.

Sreelu said...

@sra, thanks for asking, its been quite hectic last few weeks

a&N, thanks for visiting ,glad you liked it.

@Veggie plater, yup its one healthy treat.

@nags, still working on my template, hope to complete the changes soon.

Sia said...

beautiful entry sree... i love the presentation:) good to see u posting recipes often. i hope u stick around for long time:)

Padma said...

wow, they look so tempting, can pop few right now from that plate. I like fruits esp in summer we get so many varieties to eat

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