Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Gongura Pachadi/ Sorrel Leaves Chutney

Gongura Pachadi
Gongura Pachadi or Sorrel leaves chutney is a traditional Andhra pickle, no marriage in Andhra happens without serving this pickle, its our favorite at home here and thanks to warm weather we in bay area are very lucky to enjoy this delicacies week after week.

1 bunch of Gongura/Sorrel Leaves
5-6 Garlic pods
1 red onion chopped into cubes
5-6 Green chillies
1 tbp Haldi/Turmeric
Salt according to taste
To Make in powder
3 tbsp Channa dal
3 tbsp Urad dal
8 red Chilies
1 tbsp Dhania
1 tbsp Methi


1. fry all the dry ingredients until they release a aroma for few minutes
2. Grind all the ingredients and set aside .
3. In a pan add 2 tbsp oil and fry cut and cleaned Sorrel leaves along with red chilies, turmeric.
4. Grind the above paste along with tamarind and garlic into a paste.
5. Add the prepared masala and salt to the above paste and mix well.
6. Add red onions cubed to the above paste this is however optional but sure does add a flavor once the onions are soaked in the sorrel paste.
7. Serve hot with rice or roti's.

Also wanted to thank everyone who have left me comments and email asking how I was doing. I am doing fine its been crazy at work and home. Hope to keep blogging more frequently.


sra said...

Ennallaki, Sreelu! Glad to see you back!

indosungod said...

The pachadi looks fantastic. It has become one of my favorites. Started cooking with fresh gongura for the first time last summer when my neighbor offered some from his garden and I have been hooked.

Happy cook said...

Yumm I ate this when i was in Bangalore in my sisters place and loved it.
Looks delicious

Rina said...

Hi Sri, long time... but you came with a punch...I can live on this gongura all every single day.....But unfortunely Toronto is too cold and we are not bestowed with this plantation...I heard from some Telugu friends that we get Gongura in some Indian stores which are far from my place. So never did get a chance to buy a bunch of these sorrel leaves. For now I'm satisfying my taste buds with the imported Priya Gongura and Red chilly Pickle.

I use to enjoy this whenever Granny made it. Even I use to make this in chennai with a little twist....

Is this gongura from your backyard????

For now let me be content seeing your pictures.

All is well...


Priyanka said...

I have often seen gongura leaves being sold at the indian grocery store here. Never tried making the pickle at home- have always eaten the store bought. Thanks for the recipe.

ANJALI J. said...

i didnt know about gongura at all untill my husband brought gongura pickles from the store..but till today i had no idea how they look.. i saw it now in ur blog.. :)
pachadi looks good.

mitr_bayarea said...

Ah, now finally, the secret to making gongura recipe is out- we always taste this when we goto Tirupathi Bhimas restaurant, now we can try at home too.

Sukanya Ramkumar said...

Hi Sreelu...
My mom makes like this often. Will try this for sure. So mouth watering pictures. YUM!

Sreelu said...

Thanks Sra !!!

Indosunod, I know once you taste it you become a fan of it.

Happy Cook, Try it is pretty simple and tastes great.

Rina, I loved food at your home especially cakes made by aunty.You should come to CA to enjoy it.

Sreelu said...

Priyanka, Now you have a recipt, try it out and let me know how it goes.

Anjali, Thanks !!!

Mitr, I love Tirupathi Bheema's pickle too and also there spice powder.Now I have an urge to go to Bhima's tonight.

Sukanya , Thanks !!

Veda Murthy said...

looks wonderful sreelu!!!!!i love gongura...nice foto of the greens!

Sophie said...

Your photos look delicious :). I would love to include your recipe in our pre-loaded Demy, the first and only digital recipe reader. Please email if you're interested.

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Mona said...

I miss sour greens, we do not get it here in Toronto. Its been a long time since I had it. Looks immensely delicious.

kitchen queen said...

the gongura pachadi looks delicious and mouthwatering.You can visit my blog view my recipes and give ur comments

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