Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Neighborhood Farmers Market

Glad to be living in a cute neighborhood where we have Farmers Market every Wednesday and Sunday. With warmer days comes more varitey of flowers and vegetables. Got my self an Orchid plant, this is the first time ever trying to grow an Orchid. I hope to keep it alive.
Sunny mixed flowers is always a welcome , always make it a point to pick few.
Newest addition to my herb garden Sweet Basil, can't wait to make some yummy Italian dishes.
Have been playing around with few photo editing softwares. Do you guys like the pic ?
I would love to hear your feed back.



Asha said...

I love pics, Orchid looks good. Good luck with the gardening!:)

Happy cook said...

Beautfiul oic, here we have market on Wednesday and Saturday and i do love oing there as one gets themost fresh vegetable etc.....
I love the las pic.

Subhashini said...

Sridevi, pictures are very nice. You always be a role model for me.

Rina said...

Hey Sri...I used always like the matching inner glow you give to your pictures...Makes it look unique and gives a good outlook.

mitr_bayarea said...

Lovely pics....love the orchid and flowers.

Chitra said...

lovely pics, first time here.u have a nice blog;)

Siri said...

Lucky you Sreelu to have a near-by farmer's market that too 2 days a week! :) the pic looks lovely too :D


Cynthia said...

Have you ever tried Photoscape? www.photoscape.org

Sreelu said...

Thanks Asha, I really hope keep my basil and orchids growing.
HC Thanks !!
Subbu, Nuvvu too much chesthunavu
Esther , Thanks its a lot of work though :(

Mitr_bayarea, Thank you dear.
Chitra, welcome and glad you like my blog.
Siri, love farmers markets.
Cynthia, thanks for the pointer, got the software installed playing with it.

veda murthy said...

hi sreelu

nice fotographs....specially the like the easy breezy strawberries!

Anonymous said...

Hi there, Very nice blog you have here. Can you pls let me know which farmers market is this? Thanks

Sreelu said...

Hi there, thanks for your compliments. These pics are from our local evergreen farmers market in San Jose, a small one but with tons of fresh stuff.

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