Sunday, June 28, 2009

Summer Series Garden Escapades

Anyone who has got a book collection and a garden wants for nothing.

At the end of the day gardening for me is away to wind down. Gardening represents optimism for me and being a true optimist the amount of satisfaction I get nurturing saplings and see them fruit and flower is beyond words. Dairy of my garden from last year, this year with an up coming long trip did not plant much as I would hate for them die and wither away.

Summer for me arrives with Jasmine flowers, these tiny blooms so fragrant and sensual a true summer quintessential.

Indian Jasmine (Malle Puvvu)

A must have for any home vegetable garden are Tomatoes, thanks to the Californian summersthese grow plenty. Very hardy and easy to grow. Last year went to local gardening chapter and got plants/seeds of Heirloom variety, and true to the picture these were so sweet,It would be an insult to cook anything with them. All you have to do is wash and eat. Extremely delicious,meaty and sweet.

Heirloom Tomatoes are my entry for Click hosted by Bee& Jai of Jugalbandi, this months theme -Stacks.

We had a bounty last year and most of my friends got to taste them.
Summer vegetables we grew include corn, yellow squash and cucumber. Nothing beats the taste of freshly picked fruit /vegetables hands down.
Eggplant the hotter the weather the better the crop.
Lemon Cucumber or Indian cucumber (Dosakaya) excellent for Dals and pickles.

Uncontrollable mint, find it every where in my yard and the king of south Indian cooking Kadi Patta or Curry leaves, No dish is ever complete without curry leaves seasoning.
Indian Guava, these flower in summer and takes a while for the fruit to form usually in November, though they are very small in size they are big on flavor.
Pomegranate or Anar, this is the Kabuli Anar, so soft sweet and very fleshy. Get to enjoy them untill fall.
No yard is complete without fragrant flowers. Pink Calla Lilly and my favorite red rose.
Few other variety of roses.
Lovely Hydrangea,depending on the soil conditions one year its blue flowers and one year its pink and one year a combination of both a visual treat to my eyes.
Hope you have enjoyed a tour of my modest sub urban yard. I will be gone for few days hopefully I get to take pictures of places,people and food I see and eat. Have a happy summer everyone.
Hope to be back soon.


bee said...

gorgeous garden!!!

Sailaja said...

Cool. Very nice. Even I have Malli plant at home

Nupur said...

Sreelu- what a feast for the eyes. I am very very impressed with your gardening skills. My very favorite is at the top of the post: the fragrant jasmine.
Have a great trip.

Rina said...

Wow Sri !!! that is a feast for the eyes.. You seem to have a real green thumb..I never new that in our years of friendship. Indeed a gr8 job yaar !! Love your beautiful flower and vegie garden...Have a wonderful summer !!! and wish I can smell the malle puvvu from here..

mona said...

Beautiful clicks of your garden bounty. Happy gardening!!

CHAITRA said...

Feast to the eyes!!!
Lovely presentation!!
Are you from Andhra?????????
Drop in sometime to my blog

Cynthia said...

Wow! Your garden is so inspiring!

Veda Murthy said...

oh such a beautiful garden sreelu! indeed its a pleasure to cook from your garden stuff!

ramya said...

the jasmine and roses are my favorites. and the veggie patch i am in awe ur garden is so so beautiful and nice work.

Rajee Sood said...

Hi Sreelu,
I am crazy about books and agree give me a piece of land and it'll be my own lil' paradise ... nothing more I'd ask for ... nowI have the books part ... hunting to find the garden God intented for me ... :) I truly loved being here ... and look forward to being back more often ...

Urban Green said...

Hi have a nice blog and the pictures are lovely.

s said...

Your gardening skills, photos everything about this blog is brilliant..

Mridula said...

Mouth watering and delicious pictures!

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