Thursday, June 18, 2009

Summer Series : Jalapeño Guacamole

Summer Series : Jalapeño Guacamole
Friends are amazing and the way you meet and develop friendship is even more amazing,some friends are to die for and some are a social obligation and some in between.When I came to US about a decade ago ( boy makes me feel old) anyways back to point,I was a newly wed bride trying to figure out my way into this new and strange at times country, I started working for a very high energy start up in San Francisco, which meant I had a long commute from south bay where we lived. With no kids and no other obligations that long train ride to SFO was such a pleasure, it was my chance to catch with new paper and my favorite past time ever reading. Well during these commute day met a girl in a very similar state as me newly married immigrant figuring out things just like me, after some awkward initial hi and byes we realized we work very close to each other take the same trains slowly we became friends since both of us had quite a few common shared interest.Then one day lady Jane and her husband decided to move across the coast for a better opportunity,initially phone calls were regular then frequency changed to monthly then mostly for wishing each other on special occasions and then to none and eventually lost touch.Thanks to the era of social networking few weeks back out of the blue I get pinged by Lady JANE wow it felt nice to catch up.Met up with her for lunch at her home , you see we had seven years worth of catching up todo. She moved into this cute little home right out of some Jane Austin's novel. A huge fruit orchard and a nice vegetable patch, she had lilacs in her front yard and a gigantic Avocado tree.I have never see avocado tree before, so as you can imagine after a delicious lunch came home with a bag full of avocados.M this is for you and to many more lunches together.
For a person where guacamole was out of a jar most of the time eating a freshly made one was heavenly. Heard Avocado is high in anti oxidants and has good fat.Kicked it up a little by adding canned Jalapeños and boy o boy it tasted great.
Preparation time about 15 minutes
serves about 2 people

2 medium sized Avocadoes
1/2 firm ripe tomato cut into thin cubes
1 garlic pod minced very very fine
2 canned jalapeños, squeeze the water out of it and chop finely into pieces
few springs of Cilantro
fresh ground pepper
1 tbsp lemon juice
salt according to taste
1. de shell avocado and cut into cubes, to this add tomatoes, minced garlic,chopped Jalapeños.
2.Mix with a fork trying to squish avocado, I like it chunky so I don't mush it much.
3.Add salt ,pepper and lemon juice and mix well
4.Add cilantro and mix well
Serve with Chips or on top it of on a cheesy quesadilla or eat just like that, either way I swear you will love the taste.
PS: During conversion with my friend she mentioned what a pain fruit and vegetable trees can be when they have abundant crop,ripe fruit fallen on the ground makes a mess.When you have bounty of fruits and vegetables that you can share please donate it to your local food bank or call organization like where volunteers will come collect your crop and god know if you get lucky a good voluteer might even prune your tree for free, its a win win situation your garden stays clean and a family in need is helped.
Stay cool this summer and have fun.


Indira said...

How lucky you are to have such cool friend, Sreelu. Avocados are extra bonus. Enjoy the bounty.

Kalai said...

I love guacamole! Fresh avocados? You're so lucky! :)

sra said...

Nice, isn't it Sreelu, to rediscover friends? I'm getting in touch with my classmates, and getting to know one whom I hardly knew in college - both of us are enjoying it.

Jyoti said...

Loved the addition of Jalapeños in the guacamole!

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