Sunday, January 31, 2010

Appetizer At It's Best

This weekend like any other has been quite hectic with activities and parties. Had couple of birthdays to attend and wrapped up the weekend with kids play date. Saturday night had a chance to catch with few girl friends and boy it was fun, the end result of too much fun on Saturday night resulted in waking up with sharp headache Sunday morning which continued through out the day .

Had invited few of my younger kids classmates for a play date, I tell you with the little one I never actually take time to set up play dates, I remember how many play dates we had with Kid1. Kid2 practically cried and threw tantrums until he had his friends over.

Now if you know me, you would know how passionate I am about gardening, Its fruiting season for Guava and this year we had Guava fruit in abundance, I mean it literally . My tree variety does not grow big fruit instead they grow about the size of a ping-pong ball or little bigger, but mind you they are very big on taste. My home grown Guava's taste super sweet and remind me of Guava's back home.

So served these fruit cut into pieces along with red chili powder mixed with salt as one of the appetizer for my kids play date. Lets just say parents and kids alike love it.

Its almost Monday and I am already feeling the blues !!


shankari said...

Wow..home grown gauvas..nothings beats that

Happy Cook said...

Reminds me of the gauva tree in my moms place.

Rina said...

You remind me of fort catholic days Sridevi..How in the lunch break we used to bye guavas seasoned w/ karam masala..

Sreelu said...

True Shanks, eating right out of the tree a true bliss.

Esther and the guy used to cut them in perfect flower shape man loved those gauvas and wood apples outside school.

HP thanks !!

Laavanya said...

home grown guavas? amazing! :)

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