Saturday, January 16, 2010

A Dose Of Goodness

A Dose Of Goodness

This week I wanted to share few of my favorite reads, I subscribe to more that 200 sites, each with its own speciality be it travel, technology, food, people, photos and everything under the sun. Some just blow me away with their creativity, wit and sheer love of what they do. Bless those souls who find they calling and passion. Today's site I would like to introduce is
Simple words and hand drawn picture but ooze with optimism and positivity.
Check them out, below are few of my favorites and yes he has been posting everyday I think since last one year, now talk about passion.

Happy Sunday !!


Nupur said...

So cute, I love it! Thanks for pointing out this blog, Sreelu, made my day.

kitchen queen said...

the pictures with the words r really worth reading giving us an insight into the lives of all of us.

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