Friday, January 22, 2010

Finally Weekend Is Here

Finally weekend is here, well today turned out to be much much better than yesterday, had a lovely dinner with extended family, growing up staying with cousins for the weekend was something we really looked forward too and I am so glad my kids have their cousins staying close by, so kids are having fun sleepover.
Friday afternoons we at work have maintained a tradition of going out for lunch and today's lunch was Pizza and that too desi pizza at Tasty Indian Pizza. Lovely lovely pizza with very desi flavors, even the garlic bread had cumin powder, though it sounds weird trust me they are delicious.
If in bay area this is a must try. Check out their unique menu named after yester year hit movies and yes latest addition to their menu is 3 Idiots.

Ordered Sholay pizza, pizza with choley and comes dressed with mint sauce. Light and tasty and now if you like your spicy just mention "gabbar eshtyle"

Address for Desi Pizza

528 Lawrence expressway

Sunny vale,CA,94086

Enjoy your weekend


kitchen queen said...

lovely desi pizza.

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