Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Dharam -Post on Hand/Block Printing

Dharam is a blog I follow regularly it's a website about a store in Hyderabad called Dharam, I personally have never been to the store but by the looks of website I think I will totally love their stuff.

I am a total cotton buff hand prints, block prints I am instantly attracted and more over when you buy from co-ops it helps the families , so its a win-win situation. I can't wait to visit the store.

Dharam had excellent post on hand printing , if you are visiting or would be visiting Hyderabad and are a cotton buff might be a trip worthwhile to the store and if you do visit let me know your feedback.

Above picture courtsey dharam.com


Asha said...

Lot of work but looks beautiful.

Nupur said...

A dear friend of mine who lives in Hyderabad was singing the praises of this stores just last week!

Apparently, they are also selling organic grains etc from small farmers. Kudos to such efforts!

Block beauty said...

Oh just superb stuff! Beautiful. I have always been in love with block prints.It is just amazing how much talent/patience one must have to do this type of work.
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