Friday, March 19, 2010

Welcome Home

We have been living in the same house for about 10 plus years now and over a period of years you get used to patterns of seasons, climate etc. We have three huge trees one in the front yard, one to the side and one in the back yard. Every spring I see the young leaves and flowers blossoming and come summer they change colors and fall and winter we see the leaves fall and trees go barren. Of one of these seasonal patterns I have seen or observed during the last 4 -5 years in specific is come march when weather gets warm we have a birdie visitor come and have babies in the nest on one of the trees.
I still remember the first time birdie made a nest and babies hatched they would start chirping in the early hours and if you have ever heard piegons grunt (not sure what's that called) it can really get on your nerves. We were so close to getting the nest down, but it just felt so inhumane so we left it alone and in a month or so they just flew away and all was same again.Until next year when the Pigeon came back and my instant reaction was no, not again, but since I knew its just for a month it did not seem that bad to deal with chirping for a month or so. And since then every March my little visitor is back and hatches her eggs and all of them fly away leaving empty next , last week I saw Pigeon come back and all I could think is "Welcome Home".

Not sure if its the same bird every year but I look forward to my visitor.


Sumi said...

I loved this post.I also had a similar experience when we were in Chicago, but it was those geese.It was so fun watching them raise their babies.
here is the link of that post if u r interested

notyet100 said...

nice one,..

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