Monday, April 12, 2010

Chaana Jor Garam- Fresh Green Chick Peas

Oh boy getting through Monday blues as best as I can, few days can go from bad to worse very quickly and today is one such day,why do Mondays have to be so tedious and boring and weather here is not helping, its been pouring in Bay area. Sorry for being so grumpy just had to vent it out.
Last few weeks my blog saw recipes of green bean/green channa or green chick peas both frozen and dried, both the times recipes with green channa turned out to be very delicious, so this week saw fresh green chick peas in local grocery store and decided to try it out.
To my surprise fresh green peas are very tender and buttery, seriously all you need is a pinch of salt and butter or few drops of oil, and so is today's recipe.

1 pound of fresh green chick peas
tbsp of oil
pinch of sea salt/black salt/ any flavored salts
pinch of chaat masala

1. Shell the green chick peas, mind you a pound of them yielded to about a cup.
2. heat a pan , add butter/oil and when butter melts or oil is heated, toss in chick peas.
3. Saute over medium flame for about 3-4 minutes add salt and chaat masala and toss till channa/chick peas are well coated.

Remove from heat and enjoy your hot green chick peas or as they say in India channa gor jaram.


bedroom dresser said...

I never had this. Does they taste good? This is so new for me.

notyet100 said...

clicks look so refreshin

Stella said...

Nice Sreelu! I love the health and simplicity of this snack. I want some with a cold beer or all natural soda now!

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