Monday, April 19, 2010

Fire Roasted Tomato Chutney - Kalchina Tomato Pachadi

Hope everyone had a good weekend, My weekend just rocked and I am still in wonderland. Seriously there is noting better then hanging out with girl friends and letting your guard down and just plain having fun. Nothing beats girl friends therapy and I am thankful for having mine.

On another note I missed two posts in a row and broke my 365 streak, not that it matters but felt tad bad to break the streak, problem was I messed up on schedule posts anyways back to the groove again.

Today's recipe is a classic at home and can be eaten along with idllies or dosa's .

Ingredients (makes for about a cup)
3 medium sized ripe tomatoes
2-3 green chilies ( adjust according to taste and spice tolerance)
1 tbsp brown sugar
1 tbsp tamarind paste
salt according to taste
1 tsp haldi/tumeric

Dry ingredients to be made into a fine powder
1 tbsp channa dal /senaga pappu
1 tbsp urad dal/ minapappu
1 tbsp sesame seeds /nuvvulu
1 tbsp peanuts
few fenugreek seeds
3-4 red chilies
and a pinch of asafetida

for seasoning
1 tbsp urad dal
1 tbsp mustard seeds
1 tbsp jeera
few pinches of hing
pinch of haldi/turmeric
5-6 dry red chilies

1. Roast all the dry ingredients in a pan for about 1-2 minutes till it releases a strong aroma.
2. Grind into a fine powder and keep a side.

Step1. Place tomatoes directly on the flame .

2. Just after a minute you see the skin getting charred.
3. Tomatoes after 3 minutes.
4. Tomatoes at the end of 5th minute.
5. Tomatoes at the end of 10 minutes on high flame.
carefully peel the skin off, and now add tomatoes, previously made spice powder, salt, tamarind paste, haldi and sugar. grind on high for a minute and check for salt and adjust accordingly.

Heat a tbsp of oil and when oil gets hot add all the ingredients for seasoning and saute till mustard seeds pop.
Add seasoning to chutney and mix well and serve.
Serve with idlies or dosa's or can be eaten with rice as well.


Madhu said...

Chutney looks fantastic, love the open flame method. nice presentation Sreelu.

Apu said...

Beautiful!! Love that roasted taste.

Sreelu said...

Thanks Madhu & Apu, glad you girls liked it.

Siri said...

Hi Sreelu.. first time to ur blog..You got nice collection here.One qs, where did u get the wire mesh from.. thanx for the wonderful recipes..

Sreelu said...


If you are in US you should be able to find in stores like target,look in grill/barbeque section.

Siri said...

Iam in US.Thanx for the quick reply Sreelu.Will check this weekend :)

Siri said...

I will in US.Thanx for the quick reply Sreelu.Will check this weekend.

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