Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Lesson Learnt

This weekend my laptop with about 13gb worth pictures crashed, my heart sunk when my laptop would not boot up. Last backup I had was right around November and I just have been so careless in backing up regularly. Thankfully good people at work said hard drive was recoverable and will get it fixed in couple of days, with that said I hope this is a lesson learnt and will be more cautious and backup regularly.


Sumi said...

been there, felt that...i woul suggest apart from back up do regulae clean up of the umpteen pictures that we take for a single post..good luck

Sailaja said...

Sree, Sorry to hear that.. But I do agree that we cannot rely too much on latops

Sreelu said...

True Sumi, amount of pics I have on my laptop is insane. I have started to delete ones I don't like right away, its still hard to delete though :)

Sailaja, All izz well after IT mentioned its recoverable.

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