Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Laptop is back

Finally after a week got my laptop back, so glad to access all my pictures only to realize I have tons of software to be installed, so looks like it will take me this weekend to get my laptop back to where it was.

Now want to introduce one of my favorite blogger Neo who writes about his confessions as a newly returned Indian , loved his take on
A foreigner’s guide to traditional Indian dining etiquette, click here to read


Asha said...

Lot of work to start on the new Lappy, take your time and take it easy.

It's good to be back blogging for me too, but have to try to relax abit. I tend to do too much! :)

Anonymous said...


So how did you get your laptop fixed? Were they able to recover all the documents/pictures? I am in the same situation now. My laptop just wont boot up. I have tried all the solutions that I could find:-( Have lots of documents. grrr.


Sreelu said...

Sorry to hear Gowri, mine was hard disk faliure, laptop would just not bbot up. Check to see if you can access hard drive. IT at work pretty much re did in the sense reinstalled OS and copied contents from my old hard drive to new one.
I hope things work out for you.

Lady I have never seen anyone more effective then you, you are all over the place and take such intrest and time to comments.You sure would need a breather !!!

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