Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Mango Saffron Srikand - Mango Saffron Yogurt

Mango Saffron Srikand - Mango Saffron Yogurt

I am so glad to be blogging again, it's been a long hiatus ,who am I kidding I have missed blogging very much, did not realize but blogging has become a part of my entity and place to jot down my thoughts and of course my recipes. Past weeks have been hectic but for a good reason, the kind of reason you would want. This weekend we have company shutdown on Friday and Monday being a national holiday I get to enjoy a long weekend.So looking forward spending with friends and family.

It's Mango season in India, my mouth salivates when I think of all those ripe Mangoes, my personal and local to coastal AP favorities are Banginappali, Cheruku rasam, Suvarna rekha and last but not the least Alphonso. Summers growing up were spent at maternal grandmothers home where Mangoes were brought in huge baskets and there was a special room which was laid with hay to ripen the mangoes. I still remember the fragrance that room would emit and we as kids would go choose the ripest mango to eat. Seriously I think I can never get tired of Mangoes the king of fruit as they say.

Mangoes and yogurt are like match made in heaven be in the form of lassi or today's recipe Mango Yogurt or Srikand as they call it.

Recipe requires a little prep time but trust me you just can't stop eating once its done.

about 4 cups of yogurt ( used homemade yogurt made from 2% milk)
about 2 cups of Mango pulp (store brought mango pulp, substitute with fresh ripe mangoes if you are lucky)
3-4 tbsp powdered sugar
about 1 tbsp of saffron /kesar.


Tie yogurt in a cheesecloth and allow for the water to drain.

Step 2.

Let the yogurt stand in the cheesecloth till all the water is drained out, I let it sit for about 5-6 hrs. After 6 hours yogurt has consistency like cream cheese.

Step 3.
Warm 2 tbsp of milk in a microwave for 10 seconds, add saffron and allow it to rest for about an hr or so. For really thicker color and stronger flavor I would do this the same time as setting yogurt. Few hours of into soaking milk saffron gives out a beautiful orangish yellow color.

Step 4.
Take 2 cups of mango pulp, my favorite brand in Kesar usually priced at about $2.99 and can be found in any Indian groceries . Trust me this is the closest feel I get of summer . Now add sugar, mango pulp and saffron and whisk till all the ingredients are well incorporated.

Step 5. Spoon or pipe into ramekins and chill until served. My five year old decided he would want to pipe into the bowl and the end result super sweet and cute.

A perfect cooler for the summer and a must try. Mangoes can be substituted with pineapple or your choice of fruit pulp.

Hope to be regular at blogging and wishing everyone a happy summer and stay cool and safe.

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Asha said...

Yummilicious Mango Yogurt!!

I envy all those who are enjoying fresh juicy Mangoes now. I too use Alphonso Mango pulp canned, love the flavor, not bad at all.

Enjoy the long weekend, I am off until Tuesday too!:))

Happy Cook said...

This looks absloutley delicous. I do have a tin mango here.

Sailaja said...

One more point i forgot to add is you can use Greek Yogurt (U can get it in Costco) instead of whole process of removing water from regular yogurt (Makes it simpler)

M Hays said...

I make a vanilla frozen yogurt essentially the same way - but I put it in the ice cream freezer after the last step. I'm going to have to try that with this recipe.

mrsjohn said...

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Rina said...

Yum yum Sri..wish I can have this without all that preparation..and yes Kesar mango pulp is my fav that homy mango flavour.

Queen said...

Vow....It just looks Yum.....I wish I can have it...:(

Sreelu said...

Thanks everyone for your comments.
Greek yogurt is a great idea , can't wait to try it.

Esther, try with greek yogurt as suggested in the comments.
Vims, ikkadaki vachinappudu neku special ga chesi pedthanu :)

Ria Mathew said...

It;s my first time here, Sreelu. I loved your Srikhand! Yumm-o!

Queen said...

That's really sweet of you.......i really cant wait now.... :)

sharada said...

what to say about the srikand...give me anytime-i love it.i make it the easy lazy way using greek yogurt.looks delicious.

Madhu said...

Mango yogurt looks great. Loved the color. Sorry, I couldn't keep in touch with you. Have been busy with our new arrival.

I just love the way you write & present your recipes. You sure are a great inspiration sreelu.

Cynthia said...

I like how you've been enjoying your mangoes. As for my part, I've been having the plain yogurt with loads of sliced ripe mangoes on top. Wish I could share some with you.

Dgrub said...

This looks visually appealing and delicious. Your photographs are amazing. What camera do you use? Something similar and elementary is posted at
Saffron Honey Yogurt

kesar mango pulp said...

Really looking very delicious..........

Supriya said...

Hi Sreelu, just happened to come across ur mango shrikhand. It looks super yummy. Just 1 qn. re. the consistency - does adding the mango pulp result in a runny shrikhand or is it thick? Thanks.

Sreelu said...


Yougurt is almost like cream cheese consistency, don't just pour mango pulp at once but add it bit by bit and whisk in to mix well making sure that consistency is thick and stop adding pulp when u have reached consistency u like. Hope it works outfor u

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