Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Pizza Cravings - Whole Wheat Pizza

Pizza Cravings - Whole Wheat Pizza

Ever since I got back from my vacation I have been craving pizza like crazy, aftermath of being on pizza and pasta diet for fifteen days you just can't help it. Lucky for me spotted whole wheat flat bread in Costco, cover had a recipe for pizza that sure was enough for me to pick up a pack. Not bragging but pizza made with this crust came so close to all those Pizza Napoleons I had in Italy.And whole process from assembly to finish takes less than 10 minutes which is the reason this is my newest favorite.

Whole wheat flat bread from Costco
Flat bread makes for an excellent crust and with good amount of fiber,whole wheat and less calories don't have to go on a guilt ride of eating a pizza.
Slathered about 2 big tbsp of three cheese pasta sauce from Trader Joes, added fresh garden tomatoes and cut string cheese into cubes and sprinkled Parmesan cheese. This pizza trust me you will have no trouble getting the kids to finish off.
For adult version added capers, jalapenos, tomatoes, cheese and pepper flakes. You can add very thinly sliced red onions, bell peppers, pineapple practically any toppings of your choice, make it fully loaded with veggies and makes for a proper meal. Additionally you can add basil for kicked up flavor.
Grill on top rack on high for five minutes, if you are like me and love extra crispy crust transfer pizza to lower rack and lower temperature to low and allow to grill/bake for 2 minutes.
Switch off oven and allow pizza to sit for a minute before removing it. Please check your oven temperatures and adjust timings accordingly, thumb rule when you see cheese bubbling pizza is almost done.

Allow pizza to cool for 2 minutes and serve with your choice of cold beverage. Trust me this truly reminded of the pizza's I had in Italy.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Happy Ice Cream Day

No guesses why today was choosen as world Ice cream day it's been a very typical California summer day today. I had to share glimpses of the best icecream/gelato I had during my recent to trip to Italy. Gelato so smooth and flavor lingers long after its gone and wait it gets a bit tricky and complex having to choosing a flavor, seriously I think we can go for few months without repeating a flavor.Craving for some right now.

This is truly world's best Gelato in the world, winner of world Icecream/Gelato champions last 4-5 years. Well thats say's it all.

Exotic flavors add to complexity in choosing.

Flavors as far as eye can see.

Had to have Mango flavor of course.

Have a fun summer.

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