Sunday, July 18, 2010

Happy Ice Cream Day

No guesses why today was choosen as world Ice cream day it's been a very typical California summer day today. I had to share glimpses of the best icecream/gelato I had during my recent to trip to Italy. Gelato so smooth and flavor lingers long after its gone and wait it gets a bit tricky and complex having to choosing a flavor, seriously I think we can go for few months without repeating a flavor.Craving for some right now.

This is truly world's best Gelato in the world, winner of world Icecream/Gelato champions last 4-5 years. Well thats say's it all.

Exotic flavors add to complexity in choosing.

Flavors as far as eye can see.

Had to have Mango flavor of course.

Have a fun summer.


Srimathi said...


Mythreyee said...

OMG! love it sreelu...very very very inviting....

Latha said...

Oh my! Mango ice cream looks awesome...

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