Monday, October 25, 2010

Bagel Melt Sandwich

Bagel Melt Sandwich

I think this post comes after my longest blog break ever, awww I really missed blogging, I may sound like a broken record but seriously had no time at all so many things to do and so less time. I had set few ambitious goals at the start of the year and I had to complete them before the year end and those tasks pretty much took away any spare time I had, but never the less I am so glad I have completed my goals for the year few weeks ago and that really took pressure of me.

Last few weeks have been partying weeks, Bay area comes to life during Navratri and Diwali, somehow everything seems very festive , Golu's, Dandia's ,parties, food and friends , its truly the best time of the year.

Today's recipe is the end result of my pantry cleaning session, I go through these spurts of cleaning where I pretty much empty the pantry and restock don't ask me why but it happens quite often at my home. It was a cold and chili evening, hot sandwich and soup seemed perfect for dinner. There is this cute little cafe at work that I frequent regularly and their speciality is open top bagel melt so decided to create the same instead of regular bread .

Bagel - I used honey wheat
garlic,olives, sun dried tomatoes, capers, jalapeno, feta cheese ,salt and pepper.
Your choice of cheese
tomato, baby spinach

1. Cut bagel vertically

2. Grind all the ingredients below add salt and pepper and mix well.

3. Remove spread and keep aside, this can be used instead of cream cheese, can be used as dip with pita chips as well.
4. slather a generous portion on each side of the bagel.
5. Top it with choice of cheese.
6. Broil on high in a oven till cheese melts and starts to form bubbles.
7. Add baby spinach and tomatoes and serve hot.
Makes for a perfect breakfast, lunch or dinner. Crossing fingers that I get to my regular blogging.



Anonymous said...

Mouth watering Sridevi, will try it out

Anonymous said...

btw, the comment was from me--Malini

Vandana Rajesh said...


Apu said...

Yum!! Looks mouthwatering!!

Satya said...

wow its a superb idea of having bagel in such a tasty n healthy way ...yummy


Rina said...

Looks so yummy Sri..I would take that w/o the tomatoes..not a big fan of raw tomatoes!! again open sandwiches are so cool !!

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