Monday, November 15, 2010

Shopping with a purpose - Mora

Wanted to introduce Mora to all my readers, I am an avid shopper and love shopping especially clothes, I however love clothes that are very simple yet elegant, I can't and don't wear flashy or clothes that speak out to loud. When I saw MORA's collection I was awe stuck, her collections are gorgeous and were truly up my alley and when I read about Rithika the creator and the story behind the weaves I was even more amazed.It just made those Saree's /salwars so much more elegant and beautiful.

Few of my favorites from Mora's website below. Mora can be found on the web at Mora and on facebook

Love clothes that are meant for real people.

Update from Rithika

Mora will ship around the world please connect via FB and Ritika and her team will get back. Happy shopping.

This post was inspired byDhivya of Sound Horn Please blog.

All pictures courtesy Mora's.

Shopping is so much more fun when there is a meaning full purpose to it.


Chitra said...

Hi , nice collections.Have u seen vinnaithaandi varuvaaya movie hosanna song saree ( White combinations ) anywhere ? please tell me :)Iam looking for it :)

Sreelu said...


Sorry haven't seen the movie, so have no idea about the saree you mentioned.

Patricia Torres said...

I've seen this before.. they have such a gorgeous collection!!

Rina said...

It sure is a beautiful collection..Thanx for sharing Sri..

Sound Horn Please said...

Thanks for linking Sreelu :)

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