Sunday, November 14, 2010

A Weekend that was --

Sunday evening sure is downer, but never the less had a fab weekend and after many a busy weekends got a chance to catch up on reading yesterday afternoon. I knew I had tons of tasks to finish but I just could not stop myself from finishing "A song of the Cuckoo bird " by one of my very favorite author Amulya Malladi.
With fall/spring like whether it was only fair that I pick up a book make my self a cuppa of coffee and cozy up to finish reading.
Well Amulya did not disappoint, she really gets the characters alive with her writing. Book is about Kokila and the choices she made and the impact of her choices and all the other characters woven around "Tella Meda" a home and a haven for needy women kind of shelter. I get so involved in the characters I read that it really takes me some time to come out of it. So many times in life we regret or thank god for the decisions we make looking back every decision made knowingly or unknowingly shape our future. Time will only decide weather decision was correct or not.
Now off to complete pending tasks which seriously are past deadline, wish me luck !!


Patricia Torres said...

oh.. thats lovely!! I'm longing for a quite weekend... and with a list of guests going & coming.. I dont think thats going to happen till January..

I havent read a book for ages.. Your post makes me want to hold a book today! :-)

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