Sunday, January 30, 2011

This & That

Trip to local farmers market and boys of the house come back with a bunch of Daisies , nothing more I can ask for and the elder one says "Mom by the way we picked Orange since that's your favorite color", me thinking so it's not that bad they do pay attention.

It's my kind of weather in the bayarea, rainy and wet. Chores for the week done, prep for next week done, laundry folded and most importantly kids homework done. Opened all the doors and windows to let some smell of rain in, love the sound of rain drops so soothing and well beautiful. Have old hindi melodies playing in the background and sitting here and blogging while sipping hot cuppa chai. Life takes a pause once in a while I guess so for now I close my eyes and take deep breath.

Wishing everyone a happy week ahead, mine is one hectic one for sure ..


Sumi said...

love the picture..its my favorite it even better with tulips

Kamini said...

Sreelu...what a lovely description, I can almost smell the rain. And the orange flowers are fabulous, my fav color....! Isn't that the best feeling to wrap up all the weekend chores and then just sit back and relax?

Pavani said...

Pics look beautiful. As you said life takes a break very rarely, so enjoy the moment. HAve a wonderful week ahead.

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